Our Story: Why 10 to 12 Cashmere Baby Blankets Make Cool Baby Gifts

A Special Invite From the Designer and Founder

photos courtesy of Lori Dorman http://loridorman.com

As a hopelessly devoted momma, I revel in my kid’s belly laughs. They get me every time.

I’m lucky enough to have twins, so it’s double the chortles and chuckles. And yeah, double the fun.

It’s the kind of joy I want every new mom to feel. Especially during the fourth trimester, which is very much an extension of life in the womb for babies. It’s a time that’s surprising and wondrous….

But let’s be honest, there can be moments that are downright overwhelming – just imagine having two :).

Having designed and manufactured cashmere clothing for decades, I really wanted to crank up the fun factor with our cashmere baby blankets, to turn motherhood on its head. From job to J.O.B. That stands for jump out of bed.

Just Say NO to Boring Baby Gifts

And having been to a lot of baby showers myself, I know there aren’t many options out there for those seeking a high-end, standout baby shower gift – besides the monogrammed sterling silver baby spoon and monochrome designer baby booties.

I mean, where’s the excitement?

New mommas and their babies need some oomph.

They also need a lot of sweet, soft, snuggly lounging time. And it’s my hope that through our extra cozy, cool baby blankets that time expands their world.

Yep, it’s never too early for baby to get a global perspective…

A Bigger World for Baby

Cue Kiwi the Cat. Like all of our cashmere baby blankets, this blankie comes in a keepsake box with a story booklet. Kiwi, along with the rest of my designs, is a product of improv nighttime storytelling – and snuggling – with my kids, Iggy and Chloe. Whether it’s a search for pretzels that ends in Germany or a quest for fish in China, the stories allow for exciting discovery.

All the stories stem from our trips around the world. Being married to Mark Werts, founder of American Rag, brings frequent global family travel.

From being on top of an elephant in Thailand to getting friendship bracelets on the beach of Saint-Tropez, we’ve had a lot of special moments with our twins. And I want babies and mommas everywhere to feel that magic that comes with connecting to other cultures.

The more familiar little ones are with different cultures, the more open-minded they become, allowing them to develop love and passion for all humanity.

Down with Blah Blankies

Yes, a blankie can do that, which is why baby blankets are the backbone of our offerings. And let’s face it, most of the ones out there are pretty blah.

Iggy and Chloe keep their blankets in a basket in our living room. And can I just say that they don’t improve the look of our home? They read stories in them and make tents out of them. They are everywhere. HELP!

Thankfully we’re putting a stop to boring blankies – with the coziest blankets made from the finest cashmere on Earth. Our baby blankets aren’t just petal soft and stunning, they have staying power. We’re talking a lifetime, which is good for those who sleep with theirs into adulthood… ahem.


What’s in a Baby Gift?

Of course, we won’t be stopping at baby blankets…

We’ve got baby gift sets to go ga-ga over in the works. Since globe-trotting goats and cats are pretty awesome in soft cashmere toy form. Who doesn’t love an adorable cashmere baby sweater? And what self-respecting new momma doesn’t need a gorgeous cashmere wrap?

But our cool baby gifts aren’t much without the crowning moments they spark, whether it be a baby giggling with his mom at a pretzel-loving goat as he paws at colorful pom poms or a pregnant momma crying tears of joy as she opens her righteous baby gift box.

Those are the moments that truly matter, and I invite you to share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #newmommamoment and #shegotthebox

It won’t be one-sided. I’ll be sharing all my classic momma moments too. 🙂



P.S. I take creating a community of dedicated new mommas seriously, so for every baby blanket purchased, I’ll be donating a baby blanket to a family in need. Gotta give back.



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