3 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Perfect For Summer

3 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Perfect For Summer

Summer is finally here! With this glorious season comes two things: weddings and baby showers. If you're invited as a guest to the latter, you'll be expected to bring a gift for the soon-to-be-born baby. Why not stick with the seasonal theme and buy mom some premium baby gifts she can use ASAP as the sun beats down and the temperature rises? Let's take a look at three baby shower gifts that are absolutely perfect for summer.

  • Baby Monitor: Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping in the beginning of their lives. Just because your baby is inside doesn't mean you need to be; with a quality baby monitor by your side, you can head out for a little backyard sunshine without worry about your little one. Certain baby monitors have cameras and sound-activated LED full-color displays so the new mama will always know what her baby is up to.
  • Sun Blanket: Pediatricians don't recommend applying sunscreen to babies under six months old, but that doesn't mean they aren't allowed to leave the house. Sun blankets are designed to protect infants from damaging UV rays without collecting heat. While cashmere baby blankets are perfect for cool autumn days, lightweight cotton protective sun blankets are ideal for summer.
  • Car Seat Cover: First-time moms will quickly discover just how much time their newborn spends in the car seat. Car seat covers ensure that they're always protected from the sun, whether you're making a quick stop to the grocery store or are headed to the neighboring city to visit family.


At the end of the day, the best gifts for babies are the ones that are practical and beautiful. When it comes to premium baby gifts that will protect a sensitive newborn from the heat of the summer sun (or allow mom some time outside while the new addition naps), only the above options will do. And if you want to get something extra special just for mom, you can invest in a lightweight, breathable breastfeeding wrap; she'll be able to stay cool and breastfeed her newborn even on the hottest of days.


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