5 Reasons Why Pima Cotton Baby Clothing Is the Best

5 Reasons Why Pima Cotton Baby Clothing Is the Best

Pima cotton has long been seen as one of the best and most durable fabrics on the planet. And that's why when you buy baby clothing, it should be your go-to for what you want your infant to wear. This fabric is a clear winner for its high quality and softness. But why is it considered to be the best? And is Pima cotton made using a sustainable and ethical production process?

Here's Why You Should Buy Pima Cotton Baby Products

Cotton comes from two different species of plants. Upland cotton is the most common, making up nearly 90% of all cotton produced worldwide. The remaining 10% is made up of Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton, both considered high quality and seen as "extra-long-staple" cotton. The name comes from the longer, silkier individual cotton fibers, which means you can make a premium fabric that is incredibly strong and luxuriously soft.

Egyptian cotton is a premium fabric from the Nile River Valley. Pima cotton is primarily grown in the United States, Peru, Israel, and Australia. Both Egyptian and Pima cotton share similar premium characteristics and have the same scientific name (Gossypium barbadense). 

How Do You Know If It's Pima Cotton?

How can you be sure you're getting the real deal when buying pima cotton baby clothing? First, check the label; if the title says "100% cotton," it's more than likely to be Upland cotton. If the label indicates Egyptian or Pima cotton, see if it passes the touch test. Does it feel incredibly smooth? The likelihood is the fabric is Egyptian or Pima cotton. But this method is far from foolproof.

At 10to12 Baby Lounge, we are very specific about where our cotton comes from. And we are delighted to share that it all comes from Peru. Our brand uses an artisan process to produce our range of ethical babywear products. 

We are proud our raw material has worldwide recognized certifications. Our fabrics are created in manual machines. We make sure the result is high-quality baby clothing available to you to buy at affordable prices.

We are also incredibly proud to say most employees in our factory are women. And they're also mothers. We monitor their work to ensure they are supported with good working conditions. They all come from different parts of Peru and are proud of their roots. And as mothers, they know the importance of quality and comfort when it comes to clothes for your baby. 

Here are five reasons why Pima cotton should be your go-to for your babywear clothing choices.


Pima Cotton Capsule Closet for Baby

1: Pima Cotton Is Super Absorbent

Pima cotton is softer and more absorbent than other kinds of cotton. It's perfect for soaking up all those tricky baby spills that may occur. And we know there are a lot! 

The other bonus is that while Pima cotton is very absorbent, it doesn't tear easily and wrinkle easily. When it comes to your little ones, the clothing can be put through its paces. 10to12Baby Lounge clothing and products are machine washable. As a mom, the last thing you want to be worried about is cleaning your baby's clothes. 

2: Longer and Stronger

Pima cotton is estimated to have 50% more longevity than lesser kinds of cotton. The reason is it's resistant to pilling, so it doesn't wear. You won't see those 'bobbles' appearing after 10 washes. In fact, it hardly ever pills. When you want to look at your little ones' keepsake garments 10 years later, they look as good as new.

As an 'extra-long-staple cotton' (the fibers are 1-3/8" staple length, in comparison to ordinary cotton fibers, which measure between 1/2" to 3/4"), Pima cotton is incredibly soft and very strong. 

3: Kind to the Environment and Kind to You

Pima cotton is environmentally friendly and can dye to stunning hues because of its long fibers. We use Pima cotton because it's considered one of the best natural fabrics in the world. And we only use the best for our precious babies. 

Our non-toxic and environmentally friendly process doesn't just extend to the fabric. All the zippers, dyes, and buttons used in 10to12 Baby Lounge clothing and products are certified. They don't have any components that could damage your baby's skin.

4: Sensitive to Body Temperature and Hypoallergenic

Pima cotton has the unique ability to help your baby's body temperature stay regulated. Your baby is susceptible to heat and cold. You need to know they aren't overheating and feel comfortable and snuggled up without too much heat.

5: Pima Cotton Has the Best Growing Conditions in Peru

The northern coastal valleys of Peru have the best growing conditions in the world for Pima cotton. There they have rich soil and ideal temperatures. The cotton soaks up just about the right amount of moisture. It means the cotton is soft to touch and has a rich luster, and when it's in the light, Pima cotton looks silky and shiny.

10to12 Baby Lounge Pima cotton is hand-harvested, making it sustainable and environmentally kind. When cotton is commercially farmed, the cotton fibers tear, causing it to yellow. As well as that, the texture becomes scratchy. Our cotton is responsibly sourced and responsibly produced.

We use Pima cotton in our range of onesies, layettes, cute t-shirts and easy-to-access joggers. The reason is it’s durable, washable, and cozy for your little one. Plus, it can be washed over and over and look as good as new.

If you want to shop our Pima cotton collection, you can click on this link now.

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