All About Our Cashmere

All About Our Cashmere

Hey there! I’m back from my trip to China and—now that I’ve recovered from a little jet lag—I have a ton of things I want to share with you. Overall it was a very successful trip but like all trips to far-away lands, there is never enough time to explore everything!

So next time, I plan to meet the goats that give us the absolute best cashmere fibers in the world.   When you wrap your wee one in one of our buttery smooth cashmere products, we want you to know exactly where it came from and how it was made. That way, you know when it touches your baby’s oh-so-soft skin; it’s as safe as it is cozy.  

Where does our cashmere come from?

We source every fiber of our cashmere from Inner Mongolia, where goats grow the softest, finest and longest hair.  

How are the cashmere fibers removed from the goat?

In Inner Mongolia, they do not sheer their goats. Instead, they use a 100% cruelty-free combing process that gently removes the fibers once a year. Typically in late spring or early summer, when the goats naturally shed their soft, downy undercoat. Brushing ensures only the most exquisitely soft cashmere fibers are collected and the top coat is left intact to protect the goats from wind, weather and sunburn.  

How are the cashmere fibers processed?

Once the sheep are completely brushed, the fibers are gathered and brought to a factory for measuring. Each fiber is separated into piles depending on their length and thickness. Longer, thinner pieces are of higher quality than the shorter, thicker pieces because they make the softest, longest lasting cashmere products.  

Because we want to make the softest, dreamiest cashmere products for your precious babies we only use Grade A fibers. These are the longest, thinnest and best in terms of quality. Guaranteed.   Using Grade A fibers means our products won’t peel and, with a little TLC, can last a lifetime.  

How long does it take to make one blanket?

We use two cashmere colors to create the characters on our blankets. The initial pass is completed on a computerized machine, which can create ten pieces per day. Next, an experienced technician, who can complete three blankets per day, stitches our embroidery by hand.  

How long has the factory been in business?

The factory we work with has been specializing in high-quality cashmere products for more than 30 years.   We’re going to be sharing a lot of cashmere tips and information with you on our blog, so please tell us what else you’d like to know using the Instagram hashtag #cashmerelovers!


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