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It’s disappointing to be unable to deliver a gift in person for a friend or relative who has welcomed a new baby, but you can still send some love with a care package. Include practical items that provide comfort, convenience, and self-care. Here are a few suggestions for the best gifts for a new mom that she’ll actually use.

Keep in mind that new moms will probably be nervous about where the items came from and how they were handled in the assembly of the care package. Try to order items that will arrive packed in a box together and sent via contact-free delivery. That way, a new mom or her partner can bring the box inside and let it sit until they feel comfortable opening it up and unpacking it (and then washing their hands, of course!).


A soft, cotton jersey pajama set or sleep shirt will supplement the sweatpants new moms wear almost constantly. If you don’t know whether or not your care package recipient is breastfeeding, err on the side of caution and make sure your selection accommodates nursing.

Water Bottle

Everyone needs hydration, especially nursing mothers. Water bottles come in many varieties, from BPA-free plastic to hi-tech bottles that sanitize themselves using UV light. Most useful for a new mom are bottles with clearly marked measurements, so she can keep track of her water intake and make sure she’s getting enough H2O each day.

Double-Duty Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Hand sanitizer is hard to come by these days, so if you can find some, it’s a very useful item to include in your care package. Better still are hand sanitizers that kill germs and moisturize skin. Look for brands approved for hospital or medical uses. If all the sanitizing varieties are sold out, regular nontoxic, baby-safe hand lotion is a nice touch. New moms are washing their hands even more than everyone else, and they don’t want to cuddle their infants with rough, dry, or cracked hands.


Although infants shouldn’t have anything soft in the crib with them—including blankets—a luxury baby blanket is a lovely way to pamper new moms and their infants. These super-soft items keep mothers and their infants cozy during safe cuddle time. New moms also enjoy blankets for themselves when they want to squeeze in a little sleep during the first few months postpartum. Weighted blankets for adults are another option. Known for soothing school-age children with special needs, weighted blankets for adults provide comfort and reduce the stress of new parenthood.

Gift Cards Redeemable Online

Save a new mom a trip out the door with gift cards she can redeem online. Subscriptions to meal delivery services that require no additional preparation other than heating and eating are another great time-saver; they’re some of the best gifts for new moms that they’ll actually use


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