Caring for Your Cashmere

Caring for Your Cashmere
YES, it’s true! You really can wash your 10to12 cashmere!   But, I’m going to let you in on my top-secret cashmere care tips. You and your wee one deserve the absolute most snuggle-rific cashmere the world has to offer. Baby your cashmere and keep it petal soft wash after wash, with these tips:  
  • Say no-no to dry cleaning. Did you know that dry cleaners use harsh chemicals that can wear down the fibers in your baby’s cashmere lovie? Don’t do it! Give your cashmere a little tubbie time instead.
  • Find a baby soft cleanser. If you don't already have a laundry detergent without bleach (most websites I’ve seen recommend Woolite Darks) you can use baby shampoo or dish soap, like Dawn. About a ¼ cup should be plenty for one garment or baby blanket.
  • Fill up the bathtub. The water should be just warm enough for the detergent (or soap) to bubble, but definitely not too warm.
  • Check your colors. Before dunking your cashmere into the bathtub (or washing machine), wet a small section and rub it on a clean, white cloth to make sure the colors won’t run.
  • It’s tubbie time! When you’re ready, it’s perfectly safe (honest!) to completely submerge your cashmere into the water. Next, gently swish it around and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  • Rinse it. Next, drain the soapy water from the tub (leaving the cashmere), then refill it with fresh water. Gently work the fabric to remove the soap and drain the tub again.
  • Push it. Gently roll your cashmere into a ball and push the water out of it by pressing it against the bottom or side of the tub.
  • Roll it. Lay your cashmere on top of a clean, white towel. Reshape it so it looks it’s best and begin rolling from the bottom. Once it’s all swaddled, you’ll want to press down along the length of it to get any additional excess water out.
  • Give it a nap. Unroll your cashmere, and reshape it again on a nice flat surface, like a drying rack or other breathable surface, and let it nap for about eight hours or until it’s completely dry.

  SPECIAL NOTE: Did you know you could also wash our cashmere products in the washing machine? It’s true! Just make sure to wash separately using a delicates or woolens cycle and put the blanket inside a mesh laundry bag for added protection. Once the washing cycle is complete, reshape it on a flat surface, like a drying rack or other breathable surface, and let it nap for about eight hours or until it’s completely dry.  

We hope these tips will help give you and your cashmere years of happy snuggling! To receive a free high quality wash bag, tag us on Instagram using hashtag #cashmerelovers!


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