Cashmere for babies – What New Parents Need to Know

Cashmere for babies – What New Parents Need to Know

Cashmere for babies – What New Parents Need to Know

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A new mother's primary responsibility is to keep their children warm and safe. They can comfort them using anything from a thick jumper to comforting rugs. Clever mothers however prefer cashmere. It is imperative to first understand what cashmere is. This is a unique type of wool that is made from the soft undercoats of the cashmere goat. It is thought to be dramatically lighter; however, it is up to 8 times warmer than the sheep wool. It does not also irritate the skin of the baby. This quality alone makes cashmere for babies the most appropriate material for making babies warm clothes and baby blanket set.

Types of Cashmere

There are many types of cashmere and each type depends on the environmental factors in which the animal producing it is attached to. For instance, in the Himalayas the goats there have very fine hair for it is responsible for keeping them warm in the cold months. This is the best cashmere for babies stuff such as cashmere baby wrap, gifts for babies, wrap for breastfeeding and much more. Wool from this area is the most luxurious and is made up of long smooth and straight fibers. Another thing that differentiates the types of cashmere is their length. The longer it is the better the quality. Not only do long cashmere fibers spill easily, but they achieve a fluffy quality that is loved so much.

Is Cashmere Expensive?

Cashmere products are more expensive primarily because of how cashmere is produced. An average goat is capable of producing only slightly over 100 grams of cashmere fiber every year. This suggests that cashmere is available in limited quantities. A single sweater can be made by cashmere from even more than two goats. This alone is enough to command the price tag of products. Even a baby blanket made of cashmere can cost more than an adult blanket made from a different material. Therefore if you are after the best quality cashmere product to present as a baby gift, you should expect to cough more money for it. However, in the market today, there is a lot of cashmere for babies for all budgets.

Why Mothers Should Opt to Buy Cashmere Pieces for Their Babies

Research has it that more than 35% of women with babies in America are 30 or more years old. This statistic shows that the younger generation may be childless as this is that age bracket when they are busy chasing their dreams and careers. By the time they hit 30 and decide to settle down, they are already working and thus don't spend much time with their kids. Another study says that up to 46% of two parent households in this nation, the two parents have full-time jobs. Therefore, they don't have much time with their kids thus they might not have in-depth tips on caring about their kids especially the young ones.

What may seem simple parenting knowledge such as knowing the right type of material required by babies at different stages is what they might not be aware of. However, to help them understand the importance of cashmere, here are some of the benefits of buying cashmere for babies, hoping they will serve as tips for new parents.

1. Insulates three times better than sheep wool

It provides more warmth than its synthetic counterparts. Therefore this material will keep your child warm during cold winter months. The abundant amino acid in cashmere makes it close to the skin.

2. It is just the perfect weight

It is neither too heavy nor too light. It will take one through the autumn transition, a period which the weather is changeable and temperamental. It is also perfect for winter months and you can dress your kid with it while in the house on its own.

3. It is easy to care

It is easy to maintain as you can wash it sparingly. Only hand wash your kid's garment in tepid water and lay it flat on a towel for it to dry. It doesn't lose shape too. Even if you are not a parent, the best gifts for parents of newborns would be products made of cashmere.


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