Enjoy A Stress-Free Family Vacation With These Baby Traveling Tips

Enjoy A Stress-Free Family Vacation With These Baby Traveling Tips

Enjoy A Stress-Free Family Vacation With These Baby Traveling Tips

If you've recently welcomed a new child into the family, you've likely been putting off any major travel for quite a while. However, there are ways to make travel with a young child easier, and reducing your stress will help you actually enjoy your family vacation. Use these tips and tricks to travel with your toddler or baby while keeping your stress levels low.

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Have A Plan

The most important step in planning any travel or vacation is the planning, and that's even more important for families traveling with young children. Start planning for your trip far enough in advance that you're able to keep all of the details in mind while you're packing and planning out activities. This includes meals - be sure to plan time to stop and eat during your trip.

Pack For Everything

When you're packing for just yourself, it might not be the end of the world if you forget your toothbrush. However, your baby won't necessarily have the same patience as you. Pack anything you can think of that your baby might want or need during your trip; luxury baby toys, the best cashmere baby blanket you own, and much more. Anything that might be helpful in comforting your baby in travel should be something that gets added to your packing list.

Limit Your Travel Time

While traveling with your baby is still possible, try to keep the travel times a reasonable length. If you get grouchy after a six-hour flight, imagine how your baby might be feeling after that much time in the sky. This is true for car trips too, where motion sickness can also be a factor.

Schedule Around Sleep

Babies are notoriously picky when it comes to sleeping and naps. Around 85% of newborns prefer to sleep with their head to the right when they lay on their back, and they can struggle with staying asleep if they can't position themselves correctly. Even if you bring the best cashmere baby blanket you own, that might not be enough to get them to sleep while traveling. Do your best to plan your travel times around your baby's sleep schedule, so you and your baby can get the rest you need.

Planning for travel with children isn't easy, but taking these steps can help simplify the process and make sure you and your baby have the best possible experience. For more tips on planning activities with your baby or to find the best cashmere baby blankets, luxury baby toys, and more, contact 10 to 12 Baby Lounge today.


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