The Evolution of our Baby Keepsake Box

The Evolution of our Baby Keepsake Box

Our baby keepsake box started out simply enough, and that was the problem.   While it had our lively logo on it, having such a basic box literally kept us up at night. It just didn’t feel right. The beginnings of a baby’s life are far too precious. No, a demure 10 to 12 baby keepsake gift box would not do, especially since it’s supposed to be coveted for a lifetime. We needed space for each sweet memory to be kept, so that a mama’s heart could smile.  

It needed to be dazzling. Pink or blue just wouldn’t do. We were opting for elegance after all.  

We went with a pinkish grey colored box for a more urban, unisex look. Then, we embellished it with a copper stamp on the outside. The copper stamp, with its warm glow, evokes a loving heart. The various shades of brown on the inside were selected to bring out the beauty of our gifts. The tissue paper got adorned with faded peace signs in hopes that babies and mommas everywhere feel that magic that comes with experiencing joy and harmony around our world.  

We also ensured the box was built to outlast a decade.….it’s a keepsake after all.       One envelope was designed for baby’s hair and another envelope was designed for everything else. In keeping with the theme of global tranquility, the faded peace sign print was put inside each envelope.  

We put #shegotthebox on the outside of our shipping box because we want you to be able to share the sheer excitement on Instagram when you give (or receive) THE BOX!!!!   We’re thrilled about getting to see that moment when gifters hand off the best baby gift of the century to their fave mama-to-be, who then gasps, cries tears of joy, throws up jazz hands, and screams with delight  - that’s how we picture it.     So, now, with all the little details in place, we have the keepsake box you see before you, helping moms remember and cherish the beautiful little moments, that are so fleeting.   We’re certainly proud of our box. Think it’s a gifting marvel.  

But if you’re a new mom, we wholeheartedly suggest that you get a keepsake box, even if it’s not ours. You’ll be super glad you did one day.  

What’s your favorite feature of the 10 to 12 Baby Lounge keepsake box? Tell us in the comments below.   


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