Fourth Trimester: 4 Things Your Husband/Partner Can do to Help

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When you have a new baby in the house, there is never a dull moment! Whether you’re feeding, changing, bathing, or snuggling—you’re arms (and heart!) are full. Despite all that incredible squishy cuteness, sometimes mamas need a break. I mean, no matter how adorable our babies are we all need to shower, right?  

What’s so great about having your hubby take care of a few important needs for your baby? He will feel useful, helpful and, most importantly, needed. Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time for dads, too. But they may not know exactly what to do during those first few months.

So, we’ve put together a few fun—and important—things your husband can do give you a helping hand and give him time to bond with his tiny little miracle. 

5 Things Your Husband/Partner Can Do in the Fourth Trimester

  Provide breastfeeding support Dads have a very important part to play in your breastfeeding adventure! Breastfeeding is hard work … and it burns lots of calories. Keep your man involved with food and water runs while you’re taking care of business. Once your baby’s belly is full, let dad be the burp-master. He’ll appreciate the challenge, enjoy honing his technique and celebrate when he get’s his baby to let out a satisfying burp!  

 Become a bedtime master This is where your husband can truly shine … and perhaps even claim the title of bedtime master in your house. Successfully helping his little one drift off to sleep can be a huge ego-booster for him. Let him master the five S’s: swaddling, shushing, swinging, side and sucking now, so he can teach you what works (and what doesn’t!) when he needs to return to work. He’ll get a kick out of teaching you a thing or two about your baby’s bedtime needs.  

 Handle bath time like a boss Adding bath time to the dad and baby bedtime routine can help your two favorite people develop a special bond while giving you a little time to relax. Not only that, bath time is beneficial for your baby. The warm water and a parent’s touch can help your baby relax while lowering his heart rate and blood pressure. So, it’s win-win!  

 Snuggle-it-up with skin-to-skin Skin-to-skin contact increases brain development, improves quality of sleep, promotes relaxation and boosts the immune system. Did you know your husband’s mature immune system could actually pass protective antibodies through his skin to his baby? I bet that will get dad right in the feels and get him on board the skin-to-skin snuggle train in a hurry!  

 Help mama take care of mama Every mom would love to snuggle endlessly with their perfect little creation, but seriously, sometimes we need a minute ... or thirty! This is where dads can truly shine. The benefits are threefold: he becomes more confident with the baby, the baby benefits from quality one-on-one time with dad and mom gets a few minutes to shower, read, relax, meditate, take a walk, practice yoga, etc.

So go ahead, encourage your husband or partner to take the lead before and after feedings—you just may discover you have more than enough time to refresh and replenish yourself, too!  

Do you have an amazing photo of your husband taking care of his new baby like a boss? We want to see all those amazing daddy swaddles and snuggles! Share his moment with #newmamamoment on Instagram.


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