Luxury Baby Blankets - Why Cashmere is the Best Material For Newborns

When looking for luxury baby gifts, either for a friend, family member, or yourself, it can be hard to decide exactly what kinds of items to get. One item that is definitely must have are blankets. Cashmere baby blankets, in particular, are not only comfortable but can have an array of benefits that every parent should know about.

The Benefits of Cashmere for Babies

High end baby blankets made from cashmere can have many positive benefits for newborn babies. A couple of the most significant include:

  • Less Fussing
    Luxury baby blankets made from cashmere can help calm babies and prevent fussing. It can also help them sleep more restfully during the night, and mitigate frequent waking. If your baby is having difficulty settling down, cashmere might be exactly what they need.
  • Growth
    During the first year, a baby’s brain grows quickly, and more than doubles in size. This growth is crucial for healthy development and is aided by restful sleep. By wrapping a newborn in cashmere, they are more prone to falling asleep quicker, and staying asleep longer. This helps promote healthy growth and put them on the right track for meeting all their developmental goals. (It also means you’ll be able to get more sleep too!)
  • Water Resistant
    Cashmere acts, not only as a perfect insulator, but it is able to absorb nearly 30% of its weight in moisture before beginning to feel damp. This helps babies stay warm during the winter months, as any moisture is easily released or wicked away, and prevents you from having to worry spills or leaks!
  • Warmth
    As mentioned above, luxury baby blankets made from cashmere act as the perfect insulators in both winter and summer. These blankets can help keep your little ones warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them perfect for any season or occasion.
  • Odorless
    Another great benefit of cashmere is its ability to prevent odors from sticking around. Because cashmere is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, nasty smells are eliminated easily. Never again will you have to worry about wrapping up your little one in a less than fresh smelling blanket.
  • Hypoallergenic
    These luxury baby blankets are also great if your little one is sensitive to certain materials, cashmere is the perfect solution to prevent bad reactions. Not only will the soft material prevent aggravation of sensitive skin, but babies with allergies won’t have to worry about any synthetic fibers causing irritation.

Cashmere luxury baby blankets make the perfect gift for newborn babies. Not only can it help soothe even the fussiest of babies, but they can help keep them comfortable all day and night. Furthermore, it’s perfect for babies who have allergies or sensitive skin and won’t start to smell even after prolonged use! If you want only the best for your baby or the baby of someone you know, consider the benefits of cashmere and invest in a gift that will keep on giving.


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