Mamas We Love

Community is everything to us at 10 to 12 Baby Lounge. We are so grateful to connect with each and every one of the incredible mamas we have come across and have yet to meet. 

Join us in celebrating this month's mamas who have stolen our hearts and continue to inspire us in their motherhood journey.

Carly Kenihan

Carly Kenihan is a writer, story teller, baby sleep consultant and a mother of three (including twins!) in sunny San Diego. She shares her journey through infertility and motherhood on her blog, where she also features other inspiring women! Her mission is to support mothers as they chase their dreams in entrepreneurship, full time mom life and living their best self, while finding rest too, of course.

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Chaneen Saliee

Artist, designer, author of the newly released book '“Solidarity: poetry and prose" and mother of two young daughters, Chaneen Saliee is a creative, beautiful soul who can do it all. Having won the number 1 spot on Mother&Baby's The Mum List 2020, Chaneen has built an incredible community on social media and offers a safe and welcoming space for mothers to connect and feel supported.

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Charity Hardaway Kolbo

The name Charitylikes first started when highschool-Charity changed her Instagram handle to @Charitylikesbeards, because, she thought, “who doesn’t like a nicely groomed/ shaped beard?” Even though it was created as a joke, it stuck. And now, Charity likes to share more than her fascination with beards; hence the name CharityLikes. Growing up in California, Charity was inspired by so many objects to create (these objects were mostly the beach, green hills, and blue skies). While living in Phoenix with her little family, she has been inspired by the desert to create mostly through photography, writing, and other mediums to share with her community.

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Johnetta Lafond

Meet Johnetta Lafond — wife, mother of five, blogger and one of our beloved 10 to 12 community mamas. We recently spoke with Johnetta about navigating motherhood during these current “unprecedented times.” Having just given birth to her fifth child, Johnetta’s pregnancy experience was a little different this time around, yet just as special. Read our interview with Johnetta here.

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Chi-Lan Lieu

Chi-Lan is a mama, author and television presenter with a passion for style and travel.

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