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Learn why this momma prides elegant baby products and how she optimizes their purpose. Because of the unique, meaningful stories behind each blanket character, Shila feels that our cashmere pieces are ideal personalized baby gifts to give and receive.  
10 to 12 Baby Lounge had the honor to interview our June mommy of the month, Shila Zand. She is the mother of two adorable boys: baby Hudson and Preston. When she’s not on mom duty, Shila is blogging, Instagramming, trying new restaurants, spending time with her hubby, and most importantly shopping for her boys. As a lover of fashion, traveling, French culture, and anything and all things Vogue, Shila has a keen eye for luxury. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area and loves discovering brands that give as much attention to sustainability and practicality as they do quality and detail, such as ours. We were excited to have Shila meet her new 10 to 12 Baby Lounge cashmere blanket because we were confident her sons would adore the soft touch and unique characters. Preston just happens to be wild about Lions, so we made sure Shila took home Liam the Lion for him to adore for life. After receiving her 10 to 12 keepsake giftbox with envelopes especially for baby’s first haircut and baby’s first handprint or photo, Shila fell head over heels for the cashmere blanket inside and believed it was perfect for her children, who like their momma, cherish the finer things in life like ultimate comfort, security and love. Full of delight, Shila wanted to share her story with us so that moms alike could also gift their children and other momma friends with something both luxurious and memorable. 

1. What was your first impression of the 10 to 12 Baby Lounge brand?
Answer: 10 to 12 Baby Lounge offers a piece of luxury for my baby. Being a lover of all things beautifully wrapped, I knew the moment I saw the box that I would absolutely love whatever lies inside. 
cashmere baby blanket
2. Did your impression of 10 to 12 Baby Lounge change when you first experienced our products in person? Why?
Answer: I was truly impressed. Not only did the 10 to 12 Baby Lounge products look good, but they also felt good. The first time I held the newborn cashmere set in my arms I said, “It feels like home." I love a beautiful throw blanket to infuse a little luxury into my days, adding a little style to the nursery but also providing the perfect feel for a snooze. 

The cashmere blanket effortlessly provides Shila’s nursery and on-the-go stroller with a chic, posh style. Most importantly, the cashmere is perfect for her babies’ skin, and the high-quality fabric makes it a timeless piece to hold onto for the next generation. 

3. What is your favorite part of 10 to 12 Baby Lounge's cashmere baby blankets? Why?
Answer: I’m obsessed with the way the cashmere baby blanket feels. It is indeed pure luxury, but at the same time still very cute. I adore the colorful sensory pom poms that Hudson loves so much. It is extremely important to me that my baby products not only look good but are also made with the highest quality for the utmost comfort of my child. 
luxury baby gifts
4. What is your favorite part about the 10 to 12 Baby Lounge brand? 
Answer: Without a doubt… Amanda. The mom behind this beautiful creation. She knows exactly what moms long for to comfort their child and more importantly, she knows what babies and kids need. I also love the designs, but more specifically the impeccable color palate that Amanda has meticulously chosen for each character. Most importantly the Cashmere. I love everything about these blankets.
5. How do you think 10 to12 Baby Lounge is changing gift giving for new mommas and their babies? 
Answer: 10 to 12 blankets are gifts to be remembered. The design and quality will stand the test of time. Personally, I know that I will cherish my blankets forever to come and will always be thankful for them. They are beautiful, pure luxury, and come with sensory pom poms for the baby. I also love that there are keepsake envelopes in the beautifully designed box to keep the first haircut.
6. What do you think resonates most with moms about 10 to12 Baby Lounge that makes them want to buy a gift from us? 
Answer: Definitely the luxury. Highbrow comfort seekers don't need to look further. It's a gift that all moms will be swooning over.
7. What was Hudson's favorite part of the blankets? Preston's?
Answer: Hudson loves the colors and the pom poms. Preston is in love with his Liam the Lion. It has quickly become his favorite blanky. Preston has very sensitive skin and is quite picky with what blankets or clothes we put on him. But, due to the high-quality cashmere, he is inseparable from his blanky. 
8. What are three things you look for when buying a gift for one of your closest new momma friends or family?
Answer: I go to extra lengths to ensure I find something unique, of good quality and that’s memorable. 
9. What do you think sets 10 to12 Baby Lounge baby blankets apart from other baby blankets? 
Answer: There are no other baby blankets like 10 to 12. At least not that I've seen. These blankets remind me of the Avalon blanket by almighty Hermès. They are chic, classic, and will never go out of style.
10. What's the best gift you ever received as a new momma?
Answer: From my hubby or friends? Haha, just kidding! 
I would have to say the baby Muslin and onesie I received from my friends at "Atelier Choux Paris.” It is my absolute favorite gift set and I will cherish them forever.

With all the trials and tribulations that come along with being a momma of a newborn, it is paramount that the products in her nursery and diaper bag not only serve a purpose but also offer luxury. Shila is a wonderful example of someone who wants to make the motherhood experience precious and cherishable by investing in elegant baby products such as the 10 to 12 Baby Lounge blanket. Hearing about Shila’s delight with our products was such a meaningful experience. Ultimately, the goal of 10 to 12 Baby Lounge is to provide moms like Shila and babies with the highest quality products, but also a meaningful piece of luxury that can be cherished forever. 
If you want to learn more about Shila, our June mommy of the month or our products visit our Instagram for daily updates. For a special surprise from Shila tune in to her Instagram or Blog later this month for further details.


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