Navigating Motherhood During Quarantine with Johnetta Lafond

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Meet Johnetta Lafond — wife, mother of five, blogger and one of our 10to12 community mamas. We recently spoke with Johnetta about navigating motherhood during these current “unprecedented times.” Having just given birth to her fifth child, Johnetta’s pregnancy experience was a little different this time around, yet just as special.

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What have you found to be the most challenging part about being pregnant during COVID?

The most challenging thing about being pregnant during COVID has been keeping my family involved. We are very close and do a lot together. My children and my husband have missed out on doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds. Unfortunately, my children will not be able to meet their sister until I bring her home. They have been waiting to meet this person that is a part of our family and now they have to wait longer. 


What piece of advice do you have for first time mamas-to-be during this time?

My advice to first time mothers during this time is to document everything! The entire process or wherever you are right now. This is a completely different experience from what most are used to and what most expect. You don’t want to miss memories because it is different. 


Tell us about your virtual baby shower experience!

We had a virtual baby shower/gender reveal to celebrate our new baby. We went live on social media and invited our friends to join us. We let them guess what the gender of the baby is before we revealed it to everyone. We had fun keeping everyone in suspense. It was definitely different than a traditional shower like we were accustomed to. It was not gift centered. It really was all about the baby. 


This is your fifth pregnancy. What differences have you noticed with this pregnancy in comparison to the others?

I have been blessed to have five relatively easy pregnancies. I have had no complications even though each of my deliveries has been and will be c-sections. I think being quarantined has affected this pregnancy. I was not as active physically but ate at home more. Being home allowed me to rest my body which was extremely helpful. It wasn’t super different in how I carried but life was just different. 


How have you and your family been spending your time during quarantine? 

My family and I actually enjoyed being quarantined. It really was great for us. We were able to spend much needed time together as a family. We did videos, pictures, challenges, cooking, organizing. We watched so many movies. I know that we have made memories that will last a lifetime for all of us. 


What values do you hope to instil in your little ones?

Our family values are very important to us. We want our children to keep God at the center of their lives and then family. We support each other and rely on each other. When there is no one else we will always have each other. 

Mamas — how have you been finding this time with your family?

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