Pinterest Announcement

Pinterest Announcement

Guess what? 10 to 12 Baby Lounge is now on Pinterest! And we want YOU, our favorite mommas and friends of mommas, to join us.  

Why create a Pinterest page? Because we’re more than just baby blankets and cashmere gift sets. We want to create a  “lounge”, a space for new moms to come and find not only the best in baby cashmere, but also a community of sharing and support. Looking for tips about surviving breastfeeding? Trying to find info about raising a healthy eater? Wondering if you’re the only new momma who feels totally unprepared? Or maybe you’re looking for nursery decor inspiration (have you seen the design of our pure cashmere baby blankets)? Come check us out and join the conversation!  

Our experts have been pinning away, creating boards that you can relate to. Shop our products in 10 to 12 Baby Cashmere Gift Sets. Browse our 10 to 12 Moms Club board for a variety of helpful tips and advice for coping with that fourth trimester. Find some of the most adorable and on-trend baby gear in Baby’s Closet, as well as practical information about our baby cashmere and how to care for it in our board simply titled Cashmere.  

Trying to plan your next family vacation? Don’t do it before you’ve checked out the helpful suggestions in Family Adventure Around the World, like the article from New Ways Nutrition “12 Tips for Travelling with a Newly-Eating Baby” (you didn’t even think about that one did you?).  

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we want to know about it! Love what your seeing? We want to hear that too! Help us make our Pinterest page exactly what YOU want it to be.  

Follow our Pinterest page between now and Mother’s Day and receive a discount code for 30% off your next 10 to 12 Baby Lounge purchase; that’s 30% off your favorite cashmere baby gift set, or a 30% discount to take home a Kiwi the Cat or Gavin the goat cashmere baby blanket. Buy something for yourself or for your favorite new momma to celebrate this Mother’s Day!


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