The 9 Essential Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Your Newborn Baby

Planning for the arrival of your newborn baby can be all-consuming. And one of the biggest questions new moms ask is: “Exactly how much clothing do you need in your wardrobe for your newborn baby?"

Buying a stack of cute and adorable onesies, sleepers and tiny t-shirts, and pants in a myriad of colors can be loads of fun. But it can also be stressful and confusing. And it can be very easy to get carried away.

And as any new mom will tell you, having the added extra time to think about which patterned outfit you are putting your little one in for their first ‘coffee date’ with your bestie, is often a luxury.

In fact, what your baby is wearing day to day, or even hour to hour can sometimes be a challenge!  Of course, it’s lots of fun to anticipate what you need. But knowing what to buy, and what not to buy in a wardrobe for your newborn baby, and how much you need of each item when they are lying in your arms can even be overwhelming.

This is where a capsule wardrobe can really help you in getting some much-needed peace of mind. As well as providing you with ease and speed when you’re dressing your little one.

Believe me, you might be struggling to even brush your own hair some days so every second you win back in your day counts!

What Is A Baby Capsule Wardrobe?

Your baby capsule wardrobe is a fabulous way of making sure you have all the essential items you need that can be used in a multitude of ways and for lots of different occasions.
The wardrobe for your newborn baby is what you call your versatile and classic pieces. They can be mixed and matched together. It utilizes the idea that less is actually more. And it takes the confusion and thinking time out of getting your little one dressed.
A capsule wardrobe is also a great way of being environmentally conscious when dressing your little one. Those core staple items can see you maximize use and minimize spending.
It’s really the best way to go if you are worried about drowning under piles of laundry when you are just trying to think about feeding yourself and your baby on a daily basis!

softest 3 piece essential baby capsule closet

Planning Your Wardrobe For Your Newborn Baby

10 to 12 Baby Lounge knows how the little things can make a huge difference to the stress of your day.

When I was looking after my twins, those extra seconds really counted! It’s why when I was creating items for our collection, I wanted to have a core list of items that you could mix and match easily. Plus they all had to be durable, washable (again and again without losing their ‘newness’), and hardworking.
Any new mom will tell you that your newborn baby can frequently have more milk on them rather than in them!
And I wanted all these items in a wardrobe for your newborn baby to be made from sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics. That also offered comfort and that sensation of warmth that every newborn needs.


Your 9 Essential Items In Your Baby Capsule Wardrobe


Here is the pick of what you really really need in your wardrobe for your newborn baby. And you can see all of these in our collection here.
  mix and match 3 piece essential baby capsule closet

Guidelines to Follow When Creating a 0 – 3 Months Capsule Wardrobe

Comfort is key:

Yes, beautiful dresses in fine fabrics are all very well. But your newborn baby needs comfort and coziness. And you need clothing you can throw in the washer, not that needs to be dry cleaned! The backbone of the 10to12 Baby Lounge ethos is your baby needs to feel like they are still in the womb when they come out into the world. Scratchy, fancy fabrics won’t give that feeling. Your baby needs soft, comfortable clothing that’s kind to their delicate, shiny newborn skin.

Streamline your choices:

Go for a mix and match color palette in your wardrobe for your newborn baby that is simplistic. The buzzword here is ‘ease’: easy for you to make decisions, and easy for you to dress your baby. Go for basic and practical, over on-trend.

Go for quality over affordability:

When you are buying a limited number of items of clothing, you need to make sure everything can be washed more times than you can count! Your capsule baby wardrobe needs to have the strength of an elephant! Think clothing for your newborn baby that can withstand lots of wear and tear, is high quality and can stand the test of time. The great thing about Pima cotton is it can go through wash, after wash, after wash. And it actually gets softer each time. 
The 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s latest collection is designed to go mix and match to make it easy for you – easy to dress your baby and easy to look after the clothing. 
Everything goes with everything! We also use non-toxic colors that won’t harm your little one’s delicate skin. We’ve also paid special attention to making sure the prints we use won’t fade, even when they’ve had spit-up washed off them for the umpteenth time. You can shop our latest collection here.

 pima cotton baby clothes


Our 3 Top Picks To Get You Started

We know you want your little one to look stylish, and you want to show them off of course to all your friends! What new mom doesn’t? So when everyone is coo-ing over how gorgeous they look, you’ll give yourself a secret smile because you’re looking pretty good too thanks to winning back precious extra time in your day.
And it will all be thanks to your baby capsule wardrobe.


Here are our top 3 picks -

Cozy and Comfortable Onesies:

We believe we can give your baby the softest onesie on the market. Why? Because they're made from Pima cotton, the coziest and most durable fabric on the planet. You’ll thank us once you have these onesies! Shop the collection here now.

Totally Terrific T-Shirts:

Trust us, you’ll want more than just one of these T-shirts. In multiple colors, our T-shirts make the perfect base layer and undershirt for your little one. Soft on their skin, they are also all color-coordinated with our joggers. You can check them out here now.

Joggers That Bring Joy:

You’ll always have a smile on your face when your baby is dressed in a pair of our joggers. Why? They have been specifically designed so they can be whipped off with ease when you’re in a fix to get little one changed quickly! The drop crotch and easy access mean our joggers have plenty of room to fit over diapers. And they give your baby space to wiggle and move. Plus they’re made from super-soft Pima cotton. So they work hard, but always look good as new. Just like the rest of our Pima cotton collection. Check out the joggers here now.



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