The Benefits of Organic Muslin for Swaddling

New parents who have already mastered the art of swaddling may next wonder what type of swaddling blanket is best. With so many choices, it’s difficult to know which one to use. Recently, the benefits of organic muslin for swaddling have garnered parents’ attention.

What Is Muslin

Muslin is a plain weave, loose, 100 percent cotton fabric. Its origins lie in the ancient Middle East and Asia. Some pinpoint Mosul, Iraq, as muslin’s birthplace, while others point to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Benefits of Muslin for Swaddling

When done correctly, swaddling a baby calms the infant. A swaddle allows a little wiggling and kicking, while still ensuring the baby feels snug, just warm enough, and secure.

Organic muslin is a great fabric for swaddling for several reasons:

  • There are no harsh chemicals or pesticides: The organic cotton used to make the threads woven into muslin fabric are grown without pesticides, one of the hallmarks of organic materials.
  • It’s breathable: Muslin is breathable and helps your baby maintain a comfortable body temperature. Your baby can also feel your warmth through the blanket during feedings.
  • It allows a bit of stretch: Muslin is loosely woven and has a bit of give, allowing your infant a chance to move a bit within the swaddle. The blanket can stretch a bit to cover your baby as they grow.
  • It’s soft and becomes softer: Muslin is washable and gets softer every time you wash it. Be sure to wash it by hand and avoid wringing it to preserve its shape.
  • It’s versatile: Muslin baby blankets can double as burp cloths and bibs. You can use them as coverings when taking your baby out in the stroller, and as modesty covers when breastfeeding.

A swaddled baby looks so sweet and serene. A soft, breathable muslin for swaddling treats your baby like the precious treasure they are. Muslin is gentle to a baby’s delicate skin, and its increasing softness will make your infant want to keep the blanket well into toddlerhood.

Our organic muslin baby blankets are available in a variety of patterns, featuring our adorable animal characters and their stories.



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