The Best Baby Shower Gift Sets for 2022 | 10 to 12 Baby Lounge

The Best Baby Shower Gift Sets for 2022 | 10 to 12 Baby Lounge

Knowing what to get for a baby shower can be difficult, but luckily for you, we’ve put together some of the best baby shower gift sets for 2022.

Keepsakes Any Mom-to-Be Will Love

How do you know what the best baby shower gift sets for 2022 are? After all, there are so many options out there, and you want to be able to get your mama-to-be friend something truly special (and useful).

Well, worry no more, because we’ve compiled some gift set ideas for you that’ll truly be appreciated. So, read on!

Something for the Mama on the Move

cashmere gift set

We know how busy newborn mamas can be, which is why we’ve created a “stepping out deluxe set” that’s designed to have both mother and child ready for a fun day out. Featuring everything your baby needs for a stroll through the park: a cashmere hat, cashmere baby booties, a cashmere wrap, and even gorgeous, little cashmere gloves, your baby will be snug as a bug and looking great as you go about the busy day you’ve got planned with them.

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A Mother’s Experience Is Incredibly Important

When it comes to baby shower gift sets in 2022 and knowing which to buy, it’s crucial that you consider the mother’s experience in all of this. A baby shower cashmere set shouldn’t just make your baby’s life better, it should improve a mama’s experience, too.


happy mommy happy me cashmere baby gift set


With our “Happy Mommy, Happy Me” set, we offer an ideal gift set for expecting moms. It features a beautifully soft cashmere breastfeeding wrap that will make feeding times far more comfortable and enjoyable. What’s more, it comes with a matching cashmere wrap for babies, so mamas will have that ultimate cashmere connection at what is such an important bonding time.

 Happy Mommy Baby Shower Gift Set

For the Fun-loving Mamas

Does your mama friend expect that playtimes with her little one are going to be what she enjoys most? If so, then one of our gift sets featuring our plush cashmere animal toys might be just what they’re after.

 Lion Plush Toy and Blanket Baby Gift Set

 Baby Shower Gift Set for Fun Mamas

For the Fancy Mamas

If you are like me, you probably know a few women who appreciate the "finer things" in life.  When their babies come, 

Our “Fancy Baby Coming Home Set” couldn't be a better gift.  Your fancy mama friend will be the happiest mama on the planet if you bring this set for her baby shower.  100% machine washable cashmere blanket will last her a life time.  Why does a baby blanket needs to last a life time?  It is a keepsake item that she will keep for life.  


Fancy Baby Coming Home Set


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For the Down To Earth Mamas

Now, let's talk about mamas who are down to earth and really appreciate something kind to their babies and our earth.  Similar to the Fancy Baby Coming Home Set, we made a similar Baby Coming Home Set for 20% of the price for our down to earth mamas.  This includes:

*GOTS certified organic cotton muslin Liam the Lion blanket.

Our gorgeous strong, and super soft absorbent blankie and keeps your little one at the perfect temperature. Plus it's a great fabric to snuggle in.

*2 x PIMA Cotton T shirts:

One thing you're about to learn as a new parent is your baby is likely to spend more time with their food on them than in them! Be prepared for a quick change on the way back from the hospital.

*1 x PIMA Cotton Pants:

When it comes to changing your baby, you'll soon know that speed and ease is everything. Our easy access pants make those diaper changes a cinch.  And they have been designed with a drop crotch to give your baby room to move and wriggle

1 x PIMA Cotton Hat:

Babies can lose a tonne of heat from their perfect little heads. There wasn't any wind in mamas' womb to give them a chill! So keep them covered with our cute hats that match like a dream. Designed to keep babies warm when needed and cool when it gets a little toasty.

You could say our Baby Coming Home Set is more cosy than mom's womb! And guess what, it’s all machine washable. It won’t be too long before mamas realize how much that will be an asset.


Down to Earth Baby Coming Home Set


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Final Thoughts

 Whatever gift set you buy for a baby shower, make sure it’s something that the mama in question will a) like, b) need, and c) use. So, whether you’re after a set that makes breastfeeding easier for your mama friend, gives them the clothing to take their baby out and about, or a fun toy gift set that’ll provide hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for you!



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