The Holidays Are Here: Making Memories With Your Baby

The Holidays Are Here: Making Memories With Your Baby


Introduce Holiday Music

Babies respond to music. Taking your baby’s sensitive ears into consideration, use your baby’s first holiday season as a chance to begin building your holiday music playlist. Many recording artists you like may have made holiday albums your baby will enjoy, too. Artists whose careers are focused on entertaining kids make great holiday records too! As your child grows, you can add new tunes annually. By the time they’re grown up, you’ll have a soundtrack with 21 years of memories to share.

Family Pajammies

It's corny, but also so fun. Babies look adorable in holiday pajamas that match Mom and Dad’s. Don’t forget the cute little hat and socks for the baby, too! Unless you’re the type that dresses in all holiday wear from the day after Thanksgiving until January 2, you probably won’t need a new set of pajamas every year. But getting the new family jammies each year can be a fun tradition for all of you.

Annual Photos and Albums

While you’re decked out in your holiday finery, set the timer, and take your formal family photo for the year. Be sure to take pictures of your family opening presents, serving dinner and admiring your decorations. Print these pictures out, put them into a photo album, and mark it with the year. Repeat each year to create a set of family keepsakes that everyone will enjoy for years.

Read Stories

As a newborn, your baby craves the soothing sound of your voice. Make a holiday memory with your baby by reading a special holiday story aloud. Even though they don’t understand it, they’ll respond to the pictures and the sounds. Add a new developmentally appropriate book each year to build a collection of holiday books you may eventually be able to enjoy with your grandchildren.

Add a New Decoration

In the unlikely event that your parents don’t get you a “Baby’s First…” ornament, you can make one yourself. Craft stores have kits that help you make an ornament from your baby’s hand or footprint. Each subsequent year, get an ornament that symbolizes a milestone your child achieved that year. It’s fun to take these decorations of storage one by one each year and remember the accomplishments of growing up.

Start a Collection of Special Gifts

Starting this first year, get one special gift for your baby that will become a beloved companion for your child. Pamper your baby by choosing something from our luxury baby shower gifts collections, selecting one of our soft and soothing baby blankets, or giving one of our adorable cashmere baby toys. Use the keepsake box they come in to store your collection of holiday memories that will last for years to come.

Write a Letter To Your Baby

Perhaps the best tradition you could start for your child is to write your baby a letter they can read when they’re grown. Record your observations, your emotions, and your joy in sharing your baby’s first happy holidays together. Your child will appreciate knowing what things were like when they were little.


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