Tips for Choosing a Baby Shower Gift

Sharing a mother-to-be’s excitement at a baby shower is a lovely way to express your love and support. Choosing a gift should be part of the fun. Don’t stress about it—just consider these tips for choosing a baby shower gift.


It’s Really About the Parents

Let’s face it; other than feeling soothed or swaddled, the infant isn’t really can’t appreciate your gift until years later. Think about the parents—things like whether this is their first baby, or their third. Consider their home environment—whether they’ll bring their little bundle of joy home to a condo in the city, a house in the suburbs, or a cabin in the woods. Pay attention to the time of year and whether your gift will be truly useful to parents of a newborn. If you aren’t a parent yourself, ask a friend who has kids what was the most practical and useful gift they received. Thinking about where and how the parents live will help you narrow your choices to something that is both cute and practical for their family situation.

If this isn’t their first baby, the infant might be the recipient of hand-me-down clothes for newborns, which they will quickly outgrow. Books, toys, and blankets are things infants grow to love, that carry memories of special moments into future years.


Know Before You Go

If you don’t know the baby’s gender, stay neutral with a gift that any baby could enjoy. Find out, if you can, the nursery’s décor and whether the parents chose any particular theme. Don’t go overboard in matching the theme, though; try to choose something complimentary that won’t turn a cute theme into sensory overload.


Rely on the Registry

Filling out a registry is a gift the parents have given you as a gift-giver. A registry helps avoid duplication and shows you what the parents truly hope to receive. An important tip for choosing a baby shower gift is a pointer about what not to do: don’t use the registry list as an opportunity to make a statement that you have a better idea—stick to the brands and models of strollers, carriers, and baby bottles that Mom and Dad have identified, even if you think you know a better way to go.


Sustainable and Sweet

Many modern parents are concerned about the kinds of materials that end up on a baby’s body, in their crib, or in their mouths. Items appropriate as luxury baby shower gifts now come with more information about what they’re made of and where they originated. Organic muslin blanket with stories, or layette sets, make a loving statement of your concern for the baby’s wellbeing.


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