Tips for Your First Holiday Season with Baby

Tips for Your First Holiday Season with Baby


You Are Your Baby’s Best Gift

It may be baby’s first holiday season but it’s also your first holiday season as a parent. Your baby won’t understand gifts this first time around and might be confused by all the excitement but they’ll definitely notice something is up.

Right now you’re the focus of your baby’s world and you can set the tone and send signals that something wonderful is going on.

Read holiday stories and sing holiday songs with your infant. Watch with delight as your baby’s eyes widen when they notice holiday lights. Your baby is starting to catch on that something special is happening, beyond the routine of “feed me, burp me, change me, cuddle me, and nap me – then repeat.”

Make Memories For Your Child

Take plenty of pictures of your baby in that cute Santa hat to preserve the wonder and laughter of the first holiday season with your child. Years later, photos will help you remember the joy of a first holiday season as a parent. Print the photos and put them in your keepsake box, along with the holiday jingle socks and the tiny cap and save them to show your child in later years.

Make It Intimate

Every infant has a unique personality and temperament (and they’re all absolutely perfect, of course!) But most infants are easily overwhelmed. For your baby’s first holiday season, consider toning it down a bit.

Everyone on your greeting card list and your gift roster will understand you have a lot on your plate, so now’s your chance to keep it simple. You’ll discover a whole new kind of holiday magic as you rock your baby and enjoy some gentle holiday music. Those moments of peace to simply enjoy your status as a Mama will make this first holiday season with a baby especially meaningful.

Maintain The Traditions You Love

If you and your partner love to buy a tree, drive around looking at holiday lights or sip hot cocoa under the stars, do it. Your baby can sleep in the stroller, warm under their cashmere baby blanket, or rest in the car seat while you enjoy your drive.

Having the baby with you while you enjoy the things that have made the holidays special for you and your partner in the past, deepens your enjoyment of them now. There’s a special feeling to a first holiday season as parents that has nothing to do with holiday hype, cooking, decorating, or the stress of sending gifts. 

We wish you a joyful, peaceful and magical holiday season filled with love — and some sleep!


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