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When finding time for a shower is too much, new moms need some attentive care and thoughtfulness from those around them. A certain upcoming holiday is a great reminder to focus on finding ways to show gratitude for the amazing mothers in our lives. We’ve got some suggestions for how to show appreciation for new moms on Mother’s Day.

Meal Delivery Service Subscription

When a mom herself is a meal delivery service, the last thing she feels like doing is cooking for herself or others. A subscription to a meal delivery service that provides her favorite nutritious food items and accommodates her preferences (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). It also relieves her of the chore of planning, shopping, and preparing meals for a few nights a month, or even weekly. Better yet, cook for her yourself. New dads and siblings can pitch in to create a delicious spread featuring a new mom’s favorite foods.

Hair- and Self-Care

Consider curating a gift basket featuring gentle care products for Mom, including nipple and belly creams, hair bands, and t-shirts bearing mom-related slogans. Baby-safe moisturizers and shampoos that a new mom can also use on the baby will save her time and help her feel less frazzled.

Baby-Safe Jewelry

New in accessories are teething necklaces. Made without harmful substances, teething necklaces recognize the inevitable: if an infant’s mother adorns herself with accessories, her baby will find a way to chew on them. Teething necklaces offer the baby a chance to address gnawing needs while their Mom can carry on a conversation uninterrupted by frequent outbursts of “oh, no, no, not for chewing!”

Warming Slippers, a Foot Massager, or a Spa Date

There’s nothing like slipping into a cozy pair of slippers after a few hours spent walking a cranky baby back and forth around the living room. Pamper a new mom with a new pair of non-skid, furry slippers.  Footbaths and foot massagers soothe those aching feet and freshen them for the next round of pacing.

Alternatively, you can buy a new mom a gift certificate for her favorite spa treatments and arrange for trusted childcare so she can take a day to pamper herself. Get her besties together for a morning at the day spa followed by lunch delivered from her favorite spot.

Luxury Nursing Covers or Gift Sets

Nursing moms shouldn’t have to trade comfort or style for privacy. Premium baby gifts include nursing covers and adorable items for babies made from organic fabrics or even cashmere. For the best gifts possible, turn to 10 to 12 Baby Lounge. Both Mom and baby will feel cozy and appreciated when they get their quality gifts.

When a newborn baby has been absorbing all her attention, Mother’s Day is a great time to make a new mom feel appreciated.  Make it easy for her to care for herself with thoughtful gifts and gestures of support and kindness.


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