What Platforms Are New Moms Using to Connect?

What Platforms Are New Moms Using to Connect?

Motherhood has a serious learning curve. No matter how many parenting books you read, there are moments when it feels like you have no idea what you are doing. Whether they want a source of first-hand advice, tips for new parents, “parenting secrets,” or they simply want someone to ask, “Is this normal?”, new moms are constantly finding or creating new platforms to connect with each other.

Access to an online community of other parents going through the same experiences can be one of the most valuable parenting tools a new mom can have, especially in those early days.”

Communities on pre-existing platforms

The earliest platforms moms used to connect online were the ones already in place. Facebook, Quora, and Reddit all provided robust infrastructure for the creation of groups by and for new moms looking to discuss their experiences. While these groups benefited from the large pre-existing user base, the platforms are more general in design, not geared specifically toward the groups’ purpose. Today, many platforms are designed from the ground up to provide a space for moms to connect.

Platforms specifically made for moms

  • Peanut: One new platform made for the express purpose of connecting moms is Peanut, a social service vying for the top position in the domain. This app borrows its style from Tinder; moms make profiles and swipe through those of the other moms on the service, swiping one direction if they want to connect, and getting matched if the decision is mutual.

  • Smile Mom: A location-based service Smile Mom connects moms who live nearby. The service helps facilitate meetups, the exchange of goods, and the sharing of photos and messages.

Motherhood is an amazing, challenging, tumultuous experience. 15% of births are followed by postpartum depression — having a community of other moms to talk to at any time can be an invaluable source of support through this difficult experience. Even simple advice, such as a recommendation for gifts for babies — a cashmere baby blanket set to keep your little one warm and comfortable, for example — can be enormously helpful to new moms who are not sure what to get. Make a social platform one of your parenting tools today.


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