What To Get Your Newborn for Christmas

What To Get Your Newborn for Christmas

Babies can’t truly appreciate the significance of holidays; they just want to know their parents are there and their next meal is imminent. But Mamas (and Dads!) can experience the joy of gift giving by choosing significant gifts that will keep creating memories for years to come. These suggestions about what to get your newborn for Christmas incorporate appreciation for what a gift given now might mean to a child’s future.

Keepsakes for Parents

Gifts for newborns can provide entertainment, warmth, and security for the baby, while also preserving memories for parents. When relatives ask what to get the baby for Christmas, suggest a gift certificate for a family photo shoot to capture you and your baby in holiday garb.

A “baby’s first Christmas” ornament with a space for a photo is lovely, as are kits that record an infant’s hand or footprint. Years from now, Mama, you’ll show your teenager that tiny tootsie, and say something sentimental like “can you believe you were ever that tiny?” (Just be prepared for the eye roll and be grateful your baby can’t do that yet!)

The Gift of the Future

Wise grandparents give gifts that keep on giving, by funding a savings or investment account for the child’s benefit. Parents then have a vehicle for saving for their child’s future, and the child will have access to the money when they are old enough to handle it wisely. There are special rules about accounts for children and about money for kids with disabilities when they become adults, so Grandma should get some professional advice about the right type of account to create.

Something Soft for Tummy Time

When infants spend awake time on their tummies, they learn to push up with their arms and look around, and try to roll over when they’re ready. They’ll reach for toys or colorful, soft cover books. Many of our cashmere baby gift sets come with a delectably soft blanket and a matching hand-made soft toy, plus a story booklet to share with your baby.

Something That Makes Noise (Gently!)

Young siblings or cousins will want to know what Santa brought for the baby. Include a gift under the tree that your newborn can enjoy, that will also help your baby’s development. A rattle, a pair of socks that jingle when the baby kicks, or a baby-safe push-button toy that rewards your child with an animal sound or a song will begin to instill the idea of cause and effect, and help your baby recognize their ability to make things happen. You’ll see some smiles (have your phone ready to take pictures) when your baby realizes, “when I do this, it does that!”

You can help your family and friends with practical suggestions about what to get your newborn for Christmas. Help with baby care (a bale of diapers would be nice) or gifts that create keepsakes for you to remember your baby’s first Christmas will be treasured in every holiday season yet to come.


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