Fancy Baby Coming Home Sets

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“All those cliches, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood—all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.” —Penelope Cruz

When you have a brand new human to care for the last thing you need to be worrying about is what they have to wear. Trust us, you’ll have enough on your plate! But of course, at the same time, you want your baby to look fancy.

Here’s how. Our Fancy Baby Coming Home Set means your little one will be the envy of everyone as well as the coolest and classiest.

Your bundle includes:

*1 x 100% Machine Washable High Quality Cashmere Liam the Lion Blanket:

Look at your baby’s smooth style! Not only will this soft and strong blanket keep your little one feeling good, but they’ll also be looking good too. Our blankets are super soft and strong. Created with care, they take 6 hours to embroider by our team of artisans. And the pom-poms help stimulate the senses and encourage play. The best bit? You can put your blanket in the washing machine over and over. And it just gets fluffier and more cosy every time. New parents don’t have time to get things dry cleaned. Trust us! Just remember to use cool water, dry flat and don’t tumble dry,

*2 x PIMA Cotton T-shirts:

One thing you're about to learn as a new parent is your baby is likely to spend more time with their food on them than in them! Be prepared for a quick change on the way back from the hospital. Our PIMA cotton is also one of the most durable and softest cottons in the world.

*1 x PIMA Cotton Pants:

When it comes to changing your baby, you'll soon know that speed and ease is everything. Our easy access pants make those diaper changes a cinch.  And they have been designed with a drop crotch to give your baby room to move and wriggle

1 x PIMA Cotton Hat:

Your baby can lose a ton of heat from their perfect little head. There wasn't any wind in your womb to give them a chill! So keep them covered with our cute hats that match like a dream. Designed to keep your baby warm when needed and cool when it gets a little toasty.