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Pima Cotton Baby Clothes 

We use Peruvian cotton in our baby clothes because at  10 to 12 Baby Lounge we are dedicated to the pursuit of responsibly sourced fashion.

Tanguis cotton is used for our flannel products, and our thin layettes are made from Pima. Both are not only of superior quality but have a small carbon footprint in their manufacturing process. Easing your environmental conscience!  So what’s the difference? 

Pima cotton was grown in coastal areas of Peru for fishing nets and is considered ‘native’ to the country. In its rawest form, it comes in coffee, avocado, and cream colors.  Meanwhile, Tanguis cotton can be traced back 6000 years and was used by sophisticated society. The Pima and Tanguis cotton we use are Peruvian variants. They both have a lovely feel, can hold dye, and are long-lasting. Plus they feel light as a feather on your babies' skin and can look good as new after going through the wash again, and again, and again!

Flannel Baby Hoodie - Blush

Flannel Baby Hoodie

Regular price $32.12

Flannel Jogger - Willow

Flannel Baby Jogger

Regular price $21.56

Baby Jogger - Blush

Pima Cotton Baby Jogger

Regular price $17.42

Baby Tee - Willow

Pima Cotton Baby Tee

Regular price $17.56

Liam the Lion Baby Onesie - Product Shot

Softest Pima Cotton Baby Onesie

Regular price $32.12

Baby Hat - Cookie

Pima Cotton Baby Hat

Regular price $9.24