• PERUVIAN Cotton Hand Made Toy - Uma the Unicorn
  • PERUVIAN Cotton Hand Made Toy - Uma the Unicorn

PERUVIAN Cotton Hand Made Toy - Uma the Unicorn

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  • Handmade from high-quality Peruvian cotton
  • Non Toxic and kind to babies and easy on the skin
  • Aids your little one’s sleeping experience
  • Downloadable story from website
  • 15 inches * Machine Washable"
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Uma the Unicorn

Does your child struggle to sleep? Are they missing that stuffed toy friend to help stimulate their imagination, and whisk them away to made-up worlds? If so, then Uma the Unicorn might just have all the answers. As far as infant stuffed animals go, Uma is one of the coolest characters out there. Her story will have your little one desperate to find out more, and in a state of wonder from start to finish.

Handmade from 100% Peruvian cotton, Uma has a wonderful travel story to tell which you can download off our website. A sleeping aid, friend, and chew support all in one, your child and Uma will forge lifelong bonds in no time, whatsoever.

Our cotton is supplied by a highly-regarded, established a factory with many decades of cotton production experience. So when Uma comes home to your child, you know that she’s a high-quality stuffed toy.

Unicorns might not actually be real but in the world of your child’s imagination? Well, they’re as real as they come. Do you want to go with your little one on the perfect mother-child adventure, together? Then what are you waiting for?

Uma is a sweet unicorn with three sports on her nose, which she wasn’t always too happy about! Day after day, Uma felt too different from her friends and was one fed-up unicorn. So, there was simply nothing else to do but travel through the forest to the Fairy Glen on a quest for some magical spot-removal dust! Want to find out how Uma’s story ends, and how she ended up loving her spots? Well, you’ll just have to let Uma tell you herself in person; it really is quite the adventure!

Uma is a caring buddy made from soft, non-toxic materials that are safe for play and never harmful.

Uma’s Just Bursting to Tell You Her Story!

Customer Reviews


New York

“…not only unbelievably soft. but also easy to mix and match (even for dad)… …[the] hoodie made for fuss-free changes; that back zipper is a game changer!”

Maria Buscemi

Los Angeles

"Great concept for a specific age group and an exceptional time in a mother's life. Beautiful sets and items in gorgeous fabric."

Gigi Thoennes

Los Angeles

"I love the fact there has been so much attention paid to the fabrics. Organic cotton and cashmere is so kind to a baby's skin. That's important to a lot of moms."

Victoria Profeta

Los Angeles

"When you're buying a gift, you really don't want to be overwhelmed with an abundance of choices. You just want to know its high quality. A baby brand has to be creative, mindful of what can be beautiful for kids, and interesting. The stories 10to12 Baby Lounge uses, and the characters they use, I love this whole feature.”


Los Angeles

"When I needed the perfect gift for my best friend's first child I turned to 10to12BabyLounge. After finding the perfect gift [Penelope the Poodle Cashmere Blanket] and sending it across the country, my friend surprised all of us when he and his wife made the announcement that baby “Penelope” arrived. Maybe more than a coincidence."

Alan King

North Carolina

"I knew I had been able to purchase a very thoughtful gift that could be passed down. I know it brought joy to my friends. And it far exceeded my expectations."



“…super soft, and features innovative designs… to make mom life just a little bit easier.”



"Outstanding customer service, attention to detail in the packaging, and quick delivery. Adorable things for babies on their website. I also LOVED that they could include a card with the gift -- it saved me so much trouble and time, as I'm often ordering gifts for clients on my boss' behalf ”