Toddlers' Softest Clothing and Blankets

Toddlers' Softest Clothing and Blankets

When it comes to your Toddlers' clothing, we’re dedicated to our pursuit of finding the best. Whether it’s the softest cotton on the planet or the plushest cashmere. Our Pima cotton from Peru is soft, durable, and strong. And it’s also breathable and beautiful to wear. As a bonus. you can rest easy you’re getting kids' clothing that’s not only comfortable but has no nasties. It’s also non-toxic, organic, and sustainable. So you also have a clear conscience when it comes to the impact on the planet. We only use cashmere from goats that come from goats that are treated like royalty. They live on a farm in Inner Mongolia and are looked after by a family who has been providing cashmere of the highest quality for generations. Our founder, Amanda Shi-Werts, has been to the farm personally. You can see how happy they are. by clicking on this link now.