Every Newborn Needs the Best Possible Start in Life

Connect with your child as they are wrapped in the softest fabric
on earth, leaving you with a clear conscience.

The stories, we feature on our cashmere baby blankets, and our high-quality, eco-friendly baby clothing designs, are about travel, acceptance, and adventure.

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About 10 to 12 Baby Lounge

At 10 to 12 Baby Lounge, we believe every newborn needs the best possible start in life, and that comes with easing them into the scary big wide world by making them feel just like they did when they were still in the womb.

Our name comes from the concept there's a – fourth trimester the first three months of your baby's life. Devised by Dr. Harvey Karp, it follows the principle your child is missing that 'being in the womb' sensation. They're not ready to come out into the world when they're born!

10 to 12 Baby Lounge products and clothing are carefully curated to give your baby that experience.

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Our founder Amanda found that telling stories to her twins Iggy and Chloe was a good way to lull them to sleep. She created tales about Liam the Lion and Penelope the Poodle. And so, after turning off the lights and rocking them in a chair she would fill their minds with stories of wonder as they fell asleep.

Empowering bedtime tales that gave them dreams vibrant with positivity. Stories that let their growing minds fill with thoughts that anything is possible. Even at their tender age.

Our bedtime stories which now feature on the baby blankets and the basis of the high-quality sustainable baby fashion clothing designs, are about travel, acceptance, and adventure.

Whether it's a search for pretzels that ends in Germany or a quest for oatmeal cookies in New York, the stories allow for an exciting discovery. So babies and mommas everywhere can feel the magic that comes with connecting to other cultures.

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With the help of our cast of animal characters that feature on our range, you can use stories to lull your child to sleep and help stimulate their senses. Connect with your child as they are wrapped in the softest fabric on earth, leaving you with a clear conscience.

And we know as a new mom you have to put those baby clothes through their paces. So they're designed to be machine washable, easy to fasten, and look as good as new however often they're used.

10 to 12 Baby Lounge machine washable baby products are designed to help you go to your happy place. It's not just about our clothing; it's about you feeling part of a mom community.

We are sourcing our Tangius Cotton from Peru

You can throw them in the washing machine as often as you like.

The dyes we use are non-toxic and go through a unique process – so kind to your baby's skin. No nasties.

Your blankets and clothing won't pill when washed.

The goats who provide the fur for the cashmere we use are looked after like royalty. So you never need to worry that they're treated with anything but love, respect, and care.

Our sustainable baby fashion products are ethically produced.

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About Amanda

Founded by Amanda Shi-Werts, 10 to 12 Baby Lounge specializes in high-quality cashmere and organic baby products designed for the fashion savvy and environmentally aware mom.

She realized as a mother, you need something that will make you feel special and stylish too. And you can purchase with a clear conscience and is non-toxic and chemical free.

Amanda came up with the idea of creating ethically sourced cashmere baby blanket and clothing range when she struggled to get her twins to sleep during the first year of being a mom…

"When I gave birth to my twins, Iggy and Chloe, I found myself feeling so isolated.

No one ever really shares with you how hard it can be. Plus, the routine, day in day out, can get very monotonous. And the lack of sleep can be overwhelming. I had to wake up every THREE hours to feed them both, and it left me feeling exhausted.

Our bedtime stories now feature on our baby blankets, and are the basis of our high-quality baby fashion designs. They feature tales about travel, acceptance, and adventure.

A lot of first-time moms feel like they don't understand their baby. It's like, 'I love you, but you're driving me a little bit crazy!'"

Amanda knew she didn't want to feel that way, And she also wanted her children to feel loved, relaxed, and adored.

Coming from a fashion background, she was brought up in Hong Kong, China, and Vancouver, Canada. Her parents built the very first vertical cashmere factory in Tianjin…

"I've known since I was little how cashmere is kind to your skin. But I also wanted something that was environmentally conscious.

I don't really love the fast-fashion concept at all from a conscious and an ecological perspective.

I realized there was nothing like what I wanted available that fulfilled all those needs I had, and my children had.

I wanted something that would be kind to my children's skin. And I didn't want to worry about the babies getting itchy or feeling uncomfortable. It also had to be an enjoyable experience for my children and me to use.

Finally, I wanted it to last, and I wanted to look just as wonderful after 100 wears as it did the first time my babies used it. That was easy to look after.

So 10 to 12 Baby Lounge is all about connection, love and learning Plus creating that unbreakable bond with your child while using something you can treasure, not just for the memories. Something that will never fade and never look old. And when you look at it, it brings a smile to your face as you remember the uniqueness of that unbreakable bond."

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