New mommas and their babies need a lot of sweet, soft, snuggly lounging time. And it’s my hope that through our extra cozy, cool baby blankets that time expands their world.

Yep, it’s never too early for baby to get a global perspective…

10 to 12 Baby Lounge is a store curated for all new mommas. All of our cashmere baby blankets come in a keepsake box with a story booklet. All the animals I design are a product of improv nighttime storytelling – and snuggling – with my kids, Iggy and Chloe. Whether it’s a search for pretzels that ends in Germany or a quest for fish in China, the stories allow for exciting discovery.

All the stories stem from our trips around the world. Being married to Mark Werts, founder of American Rag, brings frequent global family travel.

From being on top of an elephant in Thailand to getting friendship bracelets on the beach of Saint-Tropez, we’ve had a lot of special moments with our twins. And I want babies and mommas everywhere to feel that magic that comes with connecting to other cultures.

The more familiar little ones are with different cultures, the more open-minded they become, allowing them to develop love and passion for all humanity.

Down with Blah Blankies

Yes, a blankie can do that, which is why baby blankets are the backbone of our offerings. And let’s face it, most of the ones out there are pretty blah.

Iggy and Chloe keep their blankets in a basket in our living room. And can I just say that they don’t improve the look of our home? They read stories in them and make tents out of them. They are everywhere. HELP!

Thankfully we’re putting a stop to boring blankies – with the coziest blankets made from the finest cashmere on Earth. Our baby blankets aren’t just petal soft and stunning, they have staying power. We’re talking a lifetime, which is good for those who sleep with theirs into adulthood… ahem.

Of course, we won’t be stopping at baby blankets…

We’ve got baby gift sets to go ga-ga over in the works. Since globe-trotting goats and cats are pretty awesome in soft cashmere toy form. Who doesn’t love an adorable cashmere baby sweater? And what self-respecting new momma doesn’t need a gorgeous cashmere wrap?

But our cool baby gifts aren’t much without the crowning moments they spark, whether it be a baby giggling with his mom at a pretzel-loving goat as he paws at colorful pom poms or a pregnant momma crying tears of joy as she opens her righteous baby gift box.

Those are the moments that truly matter, and I invite you to share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #newmommamoment and #shegotthebox

It won’t be one-sided. I’ll be sharing all my classic momma moments too.



P.S. I take creating a community of dedicated new mommas seriously, so for every baby blanket purchased, I’ll be donating a baby blanket to a family in need. Gotta give back.


FAQs: Q&A/Interview with 10to12BabyLounge.com Founder & CEO, Amanda Shi-Werts

What does “10 to 12” stand for?

10to12 stands for the 4th trimester. We make premium products for mommies and babies to enjoy during that time period. We want to help recreate experiences for babies that hearken back to when they were in the womb feeling comfortable and cozy. We also want to help mommies welcome their baby into this world and for both to enjoy the beginning of life together. We craft unique baby shower gifts, cashmere baby blankets, and other luxury baby gifts that promote a soft and warm experience.

Who were you inspired by while creating 10to12 designs?

My twins. To me, the most important thing is that my children are allowed to use their imagination when I put them to sleep. We tell each other stories and as we made up all these stories during bedtime, I consistently found myself talking about animals and them traveling all over the world. That’s the joy that my twins love and it really expands their imagination. We want all of our designs to make children feel this way. We want them to appreciate being inclusive by incorporating different locations and cultures of the world into our products.

Other moms also inspire me as we share our experiences. It can be both a very exciting and challenging time for new mothers, therefore I try to make the new-mommy experience as enjoyable as possible and we aspire toward a fashion-forward look. I want mommies to look forward to starting their day and feeling good about themselves

What makes 10to12 unique?

    We make lifetime-quality products that grow alongside babies and children. They are keepsake gifts. They are long lasting in both physical and emotional forms. The baby blanket becomes a security blanket. I hear so many stories about our blankets helping babies transition from cribs to regular beds. Our blankets can go everywhere with them- even on a plane with parents to visit another country.

        Why a box set?

          When my twins got their first haircuts, their hair was given to me in envelopes, but I misplaced them. I hope this keepsake box will help mommies cherish their babies’ memories, as our box can be used to keep babies’ first hair and/or anything else you wish to keep forever.

              What kind of charity work do you participate in?

              We’ve worked closely with BabytoBaby. For every blanket we sell, we donate a blanket and a toy to a low-income family. It makes us feel like we’re not just making products, but actually helping out families who don’t have the resources to provide luxury for their babies.



                    Why did you design these blankets?

                    We want babies to feel warm and cozy, just like the time when they were in their mommy’s womb.

                    How do babies and their mommas benefit from these blankets?

                    Well, we are proud to say that our blankets are made from the highest grade of cashmere in the world. I’ve been part of the cashmere business for a long time, so I know good cashmere.

                    The animals and stories that come with each purchase are designed to expand the minds of babies. I’m in love with our globe trotting animals as they each have their own personality and aesthetic. We design these items to remain timeless in design and story.

                    Pompoms: they’re sensory based for the development of babies. For example, the colors are bright to stimulate their eye’s senses. They are also very soft and hazard-free.

                    What makes these products’ quality so high?

                    One, they’re dye-free. Also, the grade of the cashmere and the blankets are two sided. They knit two different raw colored yarns to produce this double-sided effect.

                    Embroidery: The animal designs are very vivid. That’s why we have the hand embroidered details: to help the animal designs pop. The time it takes to make this stitching is a long time. We are proud to say that we are one of very few that have this type of hand stitching. It’s done by an embroidery artist. It takes about 6 hours to make one blanket.

                    How do you ensure product safety?

                    Dye-free. All blankets are tested through Bureau Veritas CPS. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world. We also make sure that a baby can’t pull the stitching off. The yarn is breaded so babies can’t take it apart.

                    What type of cashmere do you use?

                    We use the finest, long and thinnest raw cashmere. Grade A fiber is usually the longest and thinnest and is the best in terms of quality. The fibers have the smallest diameter, ranging from 14 to 15.5 microns. The threads are the finest and the feel is the softest as well. The fibers are longer than any other grades, normally from 34 to 36 mm. Cashmere products made from grade A fiber always last longer than the rest.

                    Where and who makes them?

                    We selected our factories based on who makes the best items in our category. We have a company rep who physically visits all the factories to ensure the highest standards of quality.

                    How are they made organically w/o hurting animals?

                    We are fortunate enough to obtain our cashmere from very happy goats. We make sure that absolutely no animals are harmed for our cashmere. Springtime is when they brush up the hair so they can be cool and enjoy the summertime.


                    Bukhara Blankets

                    Why did you design these blankets?

                    Swaddling is super important for the development of a baby. I want to make sure that mommies have these swaddle blankets that stretch, so they can avoid baby hip dysplasia.

                    How do baby and mommies benefit from these blankets?

                    The babies can stretch as they sleep and have a sense of security through swaddling. The colors are vivid and moms can even use these blankets as scarves. They are very lightweight and warm.

                    Why these 3 fabrics: silk, wool, cashmere?

                    They are softest and warmest.


                    Momma Wraps

                    Why did you design these wraps?

                    To keep mommies from reaching into their bag and still being totally accessible to breastfeed. When they wear it, they look fashion forward.

                    The idea is that it should feel like the baby is in a cocoon. I designed them so the wraps cover a baby’s eyes and they can go to sleep as they nurse. The babies are safe as they can nurse, breathe, and even fall sleep all while mom still looks fashion forward in the cozy wrap.

                    Why cashmere and cotton?

                    Softest, warmest and most breathable.



                    Why did you design these shoes?

                    Shoes are the most precious memory of my kids. I have them to this day next to my bedside. My husband bought them for me on my birthday while I was pregnant. What mom doesn’t want to keep their precious babies’ shoes.

                    What makes this product quality so high?

                    Our shoes are hand made in Portugal and we ship our high-quality cashmere to Portugal. They are made from the same double-sided cashmere so they are warm. We use gold for boys and silver for girls on the bottom to help make them look chic. Also, we use soft genuine leather soles and they are easy to put on.



                    Why did you design these toys?

                    They are fun for babies and are inspired by our stories. The have a great rattle for sensory stimulation and are super soft for a baby to cuddle with it. The goal is that our toys become best friends with the babies and go everywhere with them. We also use the same high-end cashmere and our newer toys are hand crocheted.

                    How do you ensure the toys' safety?

                    We have our products safety-tested and are hand crocheted. They’re really tough for babies to tear apart.



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