Our Cashmere Is Safe For Your Baby

The only thing softer than our cashmere products is your baby’s skin. When you gently stroke your baby’s arm, foot or face as she drifts off to sleep, you shouldn’t have to worry about the fabric she’s wrapped in.


We use safety-tested dye to add a pop of color

The ivory and brown colors in our cashmere blankets are the natural color of the cashmere fibers from our goats. That means they are 100 percent dye-free. When we need to bring in different colors we use a safe dye that won’t bleed onto your baby’s skin or clothes.


Our Spring 2018 collection is filled with fun, safe colors for baby. Each product with dye must pass a rigorous safety test before they are available for purchase.


Our products are 100 percent cruelty-free

Our happy little goats live in Inner Mongolia, where goats are known for growing the softest, finest and longest hair. Each spring or early summer, they are hand-brushed and never sheared.


Cashmere is the best fabric for baby skin

When you select 10 to 12 Baby Lounge cashmere, you’re getting a luxurious product that can absorb moisture easily, keeping your baby warm, no matter what! Each of our products are incredibly soft, very lightweight, very cozy, comfy and warm—and designed especially for new babies and their mamas. It’s lounging time!


When you wrap your baby, or yourself, in our petal soft cashmere, we want you to know you’re wrapping yourself in safe, durable products that will last a lifetime. Please tell us what else you’d like to know about our 10 to 12 Baby Lounge cashmere products using the Instagram hashtag #cashmerelovers!