• Gabriel the Gorilla Cashmere Blend Toddler Blanket

Gabriel the Gorilla Cashmere Blend Toddler Blanket

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“Gabriel the Gorilla lived in the mountains,⁠ content with his life and his peaceful surroundings.⁠ At night time he’d sleep in his cozy tree nest,⁠ under the stars feeling happy and blessed.⁠⁠"

One night, Gabriel the Gorilla rescues a small bird who has fallen from her nest, and in turn discovers the joy of helping others. This blanket features the peaceful surroundings Gabriel lives in. Mommies can also have some fun telling their babies and toddlers the story showing them the scene. It helps the little ones to imagine.

This blanket is designed for that cultured fashion mamas who are seeking fun, warmth, and the edge in style for their babies.⁠

    • 62% cotton
    • 35% merino wool
    • 3% cashmere
    • machine washable
    • 32” x 32”
    • non-toxic