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Why Is Touch So Important To Babies?

Why Is Touch So Important To Babies?

As your newborn begins to move and grow, learning from the sense of touch is incredibly important. Parents and caregivers will often introduce a host of different textures during “touch time” or other times of play. But why is this sense of touch so important for babies?

The role of touch

Infants are particularly sensitive to touch. As their minds grow, differentiating between textures and surfaces is essential to their development and awareness. After all, it’s estimated that your baby’s brain will more than double in size within the first year. As such, parents will introduce their babies to a number of different objects to feel. Many caregivers will play with their baby on a host of different surfaces as well.

Touch also extends to your child’s palate as well. Introducing new textures of food is often difficult for new parents, but interesting textures are necessary for the growth and development of your child. On top of that, physical closeness is important in growing the bond between parent and child. The sense of touch is a startlingly important sense for babies for a host of reasons.

Skin sensitivity

For better or worse, babies also have incredibly sensitive skin. There’s no better feeling than squishing a baby’s soft leg only to feel the skin bounce back with vitality.

Unfortunately, this perfect skin is still in the early stages of its development. As such, your baby might experience a number of rashes, irritations, and dryness during their first few years of life. While this is no cause for alarm, it’s something to be aware of as a new mother. They’re also more sensitive to the sun, inclement weather, and the cold. The need for protection in these early years is vital to your baby’s health.

Tips for touch

Protecting your baby’s skin is essential. As such, you should always wash new clothing, cashmere baby gifts, and baby blankets you receive as gifts for first-time mothers. On top of that, you should ensure your own clothing is baby-friendly. That includes any breastfeeding wraps or breastfeeding covers that may come into contact with your baby’s sensitive skin.

When you introduce new materials and textures to your baby, ensure you don’t give them items that are easy to swallow and choke on. Monitoring touch time is essential when you want to ensure the safety and comfort of your child. You should give them a mix of hard items, rough items, and especially soft items, like the plush comfort of a cashmere baby blanket.

Cashmere baby gifts are the perfect present babies and mothers alike. Not only do babies love the feeling of a soft cashmere baby wrap, but they will be able to enjoy them for years to come. For the best premium cashmere baby gifts for the new mother, think 10 To 12 Baby Lounge today!

The Art Of Gift Wrapping

The Art Of Gift Wrapping

If you’re planning on giving the new mommy in your life a luxury gift, the presentation must be just as beautiful as the gift inside. This can be especially difficult if you’re struggling to wrap plush cashmere baby gifts or a soft baby blanket set. 

Here are some essential tips to make your gift wrapping — almost — as good as the present inside.

Choose great wrapping paper

Your premium baby gifts deserve the best wrapping paper on the market. Thin wrapping paper is prone to creasing or wrinkling in unexpected places, or even tearing. This often ruins the entire presentation of your gift. 

Thick wrapping paper with a beautiful design is the best option to present your baby blanket gift. It’s easier to control creases during the wrapping process and won’t tear like other flimsy gift wraps. On top of that, the thick paper will feel rich and luxurious to the touch when she opens her present. Just be sure to place your baby blanket gift on the paper before you cut — this will give you the perfect amount of paper to cover the present. Using too much wrapping paper is a common beginner’s mistake.

When in doubt, use a box

If you’re wrapping a difficult object like a cashmere wrap for babies or a breastfeeding cover, you might want to put it in a box before you wrap it. Loose gifts made from cashmere are more prone to tearing and puncturing the wrapping paper. This can be a huge detriment to both the overall look of your gift and the surprise gift inside!

Avoid the potential for punctures by placing flexible or fragile items in a rigid box. Not only will this give you a clean crease when you wrap your present, but it will also be easier to transport if you have to travel for the holidays.

If wrapping a box is still beyond your gift wrapping capabilities, then use the Internet to your advantage. Video sharing sites like Youtube have thousands of video tutorials with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions.

…Or use a bag!

Bags are a wonderful gift option because you can play with different colors and patterns. They’re easy to carry and you can fill a bag with just about anything. This makes them a great option for last-minute gifts or multiple items for twins. While twins only occur in four out of every 1,000 live births, this is still a great option for any new mom. Try experimenting with different paper tissue to create a fun look for the holidays.

The new mom in your life will love it when she opens her new premium baby gifts. When you have trouble with the art of gift wrapping, try these tips to improve your presentation.

Great Gift Ideas To Keep Mom And Baby Warm This Winter

Great Gift Ideas To Keep Mom And Baby Warm This Winter

As the cold sets in, new moms and their babies might need a little extra warmth to keep them cozy all

winter long. Whether you’re looking for great baby shower gifts, the perfect holiday present, or just

want to treat the new mom to something special, one of the best ways to do that is through the soft

luxury of cashmere.


Here are some of the best items to give the new mom and baby pair in your life.

A cashmere baby blanket

As mom bonds with her new bundle of joy, the best way to do so is by cozying up with a cuddly

blanket to keep both of them warm. A cashmere baby blanket is the perfect gift for the sensitive skin

of a newborn.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect stretch cashmere blanket for swaddling or a blanket that will

last your baby for years to come, cashmere for babies offers the utmost comfort and longevity.

A breastfeeding wrap for mommies

A cashmere wrap for breastfeeding will give the new mother in your life the ultimate in style, comfort,

and function. First-time moms may struggle to pack a nursing cover every time they leave the house,

especially when it’s cold outside. The best breastfeeding wrap is soft, warm, and stylish for the new

mom on the go without sacrificing wear ability.

Warm cashmere baby shoes

It might seem strange to buy shoes for a newborn, but their little limbs will be most susceptible to the

cold during frigid winter months. Keep their fingers and toes warm and cozy with plush mittens and

baby cashmere shoes.

Look for options with adjustable straps to get the perfect fit every time.

A cozy gift set

Can’t make up your mind? Then you don’t have to settle for just one gift. A baby blanket set and toy

provide the perfect combination. If you want to go the extra mile, include a breastfeeding mommy

wrap for a gift that will last. You can put all of these items together in gift basket to surprise the new


There’s no better first-time mother gifts than the luxury feel of cashmere. Because some women

might be hesitant to purchase cashmere for themselves, it’s the perfect winter gift. When babies start

crying between two and three weeks old, it’s up to mom to give them the best in comfort and

warmth. Soft and warm, these cashmere options will ensure mom and baby stay cozy all winter long.

Best Gifts for First Time Moms

There are not many things more intimidating than being a first time mommy. It can seem like the only way to learn what to do is to pretend like you actually know what you’re doing for the sake of your baby and the sake of your own sense of personal balance. Fake it ’till you make it, right?

Luckily, there are some new items at 10 to 12 Baby Lounge that can make the first time mommy life a little bit easier and a whole lot cozier for the loving new mommies and babies in your life. Our timeless cashmere pieces for mommy and baby make the best gifts for first time moms, perfect gifts for baby showers or for no occasion at all! In fact, go ahead and indulge yourself in them as well. Once you give one as a gift, no doubt you will want to covet them for yourself and your own little one too. From the ultimate baby security blankets to heartwarming gift sets with unique pieces like cashmere baby booties, here are a few of our favorite best gifts for first time moms!

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling is one of the most important things to master as a new mama. There are countless reasons to swaddle your baby, and do it correctly. It stimulates sleep continuity, which is a major goal for a new mom. When swaddled the right way, your baby will likely sleep better and longer. Because they will be all bundled up, they won’t be able to startle themselves awake with a flailing arm or the twitch of a leg. It is also a very effective soothing technique. While they may fuss a bit initially, research has shown a large reduction in crying when babies are swaddled properly. The most important reason for swaddling is that it reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When swaddled, a baby has much smaller chance of somehow covering their heads with a pillow or blankets, or rolling over onto their stomach, both of which can potentially be fatal.

10 to 12’s new ‘Stretch Me’ Blanket Set includes the perfect swaddle blanket for little ones. It is made of the highest quality cashmere, silk, and wool, creating the ideal stretchiness, warmth, and comfort that a baby should get from a swaddle blanket. The vast benefits of the Stretch Me blanket are actually in its name! The majority of swaddle blankets are restrictive and reinforce sleeping in an unusual position, which can put an infant at risk for hip dysplasia and impeded breathing. The Stretch Me blanket stays secure while allowing for natural joint mobility, meaning that baby gets all the benefits of swaddling without the potential hazards of most swaddle blankets. Not only that, but the set also comes with a cashmere plush Gavin or Kiwi toy that can accompany a little one on all sleeping endeavors. This is by far one of the best gifts for first time moms. Her baby will literally be a bundle of joy!

Security Blankets

Baby security blankets are of large importance of their own. They are the ultimate transitional objects for babies to grow their independence, meant to mimic the effects of a mother’s womb for the baby. Particularly during the “fourth trimester,” what we call months 10 to 12, a baby can start to feel confused and overwhelmed by the stimulus outside mommy’s belly, deeming baby security blankets ideal gifts for first time moms to comfort their little ones.

You may know of 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s Gavin the Goat and Kiwi the Cat timeless cashmere baby blankets, but 10 to 12 Baby Lounge has recently introduced two more friends to the family! Meet Liam the Lion and Penelope the Poodle. These are the same beautiful, 100% machine-washable, non-toxic cashmere blankets, with exciting new friends to choose from to match each little one’s personality. These baby blankets include unique personal touches; each comes with a story booklet about the character on the blanket, hand embroidery and bright pom poms that promote sensory play, so baby can learn about their new friend as they grow up together!

Cashmere Baby Booties

New mamas are naturally protective and careful about their babies, and therefore want them to be as warm and protected as possible when going out into the big, new world. 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s new Stepping Out Deluxe Cashmere Gift Set has everything little ones need to be cozy and comfy, and it comes in both Foggy grey and Ivory white. This too-cute-to-be-true set for newborns includes a Baby Wrap, Baby Hat, Baby Mittens and 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s NEW gold or silver bottomed cashmere shoes. Our cashmere shoes are lined with butter-soft genuine leather with an adjustable strap, and all shoes are made in Portugal still following 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s strict standard for eco-friendly production. All of these clothing items are a blend of the finest cashmere and cotton, ensuring the most comfort and lounge-chic style for little ones. These all-inclusive sets have everything a new baby will need for their first adventures out into the world, making them genius gifts for first time moms. Can you think of a more keepsake first pair of shoes to gift?!

And with that, we hope you feel more prepared to provide your friends and loved ones with the best gifts for first time moms. The options don’t stop here, though. 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s new fall line is full of luxurious new products for mommies and babies alike!

Why Baby Security Blankets Are So Important

Babies are warm, snuggly little things that look even cuter when bundled up in warm, snuggly little blankets. Sometimes you feel like you’re 6 years old again, toting around your little baby doll all wrapped up in a cozy package. But no, now your babies are real, and there are real, important reasons for them to have baby security blankets that go far beyond simply looking cute and cozy. Here are the top reasons why baby security blankets are a necessity.

Transitional Object

Around three months old, a baby will start to realize that she and her mother are two separate beings. Before that, the baby sees her mother as an extension of herself. Because of this, the baby will likely panic and get upset when their mother leaves. Baby security blankets will help ease this process of the baby transitioning from dependence to independence. If the baby is holding their security blanket while their mother is holding them, the baby will begin to associate the blanket with their mother. It is a source of comfort and a symbol of mommy’s presence. When mom leaves her baby’s side, the baby is likely to panic and cry less because they have the security of the blanket and the reminder of mommy.

This transitional object will stay with your baby for years, as the transition process becomes more drastic while little ones are growing up. While they may not need the security blanket like they did as infants, it is common for children not to let go of their attachment to the transitional object until their pre-teenage years; some even keep them around as keepsakes or sentimental items to save for their own children.


Separation anxiety between baby and mama, especially at night time, will start hitting hard around six or seven months. This is another reason to introduce baby security blankets closer to three months; the baby will feel significantly attached and comforted by the blanket by the time the separation anxiety moves in.

Unless there is something truly wrong and the baby needs to be cared for, baby security blankets will do the trick when the baby wakes up upset and looking for mama. Instead of mom having to go comfort the baby, the little one will find that she has the security blanket that they associate with her mom, and they’ll likely be soothed back to sleep.

General Adjustments

Believe it or not, baby security blankets can also improve a baby’s temperament as they grow up. Research has shown that infants that grow up with a security blanket or object are better adjusted when it comes to happiness, attention, and impulsivity than those without security blankets.

Some parents do have concerns, like baby security blankets leading to habits like thumb sucking or too much of an attachment to their security objects. However, these are just habits that pass with time. They are stress coping mechanisms for little ones, and as they grow up, they will replace these mechanisms with new, more mature ones.

Check out 10 to 12 Baby Lounge’s line of cashmere baby blankets, a perfect source of security for your precious little one. They are all 100% cashmere, machine-washable, and free of dyes to ensure your baby is getting the very best.


A Little Quiet Time

The one piece of advice that literally everyone will tell you once your new little bundle of joy has arrived is to “Sleep when the baby sleeps!” And there’s no arguing the fact that this is really good advice.

Yes, a Little Extra Sleep Would Be Nice

You’ve just given birth to a tiny human (who grew inside your body for 9 months and then you had to expel him from your body) and now you are responsible for keeping that tiny human alive. As much as you need to focus on your own health and recovery, there is also a helpless little being that can’t survive without you. You don’t sleep through the night because that tiny human needs you, probably every couple of hours.

When you and baby are awake, your energies are focused on what baby needs; is he hungry again? (probably), does he need a diaper change? (most likely, yes), is he ready to take another nap? (of course he is). So you’re feeding him, changing him, holding him, and rocking him to sleep in a continuous loop all day. All things considered, it makes perfect sense that when the baby does go down for a nap (which is quite often during those first weeks) that you should take advantage of that time to catch some extra zzz’s yourself.

But, let’s face it, the reality of you taking a nap at any given time of the day while your baby blissfully catches some shut eye is highly unlikely. Yes, in a perfect world this is wonderful advice and, yes, there were a few times that I did actually get some extra sleep this way. However, it just doesn’t happen as often as you might think or want.

Why Sleep is Hard to Come By (besides the obvious reason)

Because there is so much to do! For me, it was usually about eating. I was constantly hungry. When my boy was sleeping during the day, I had to decide what I needed more; sleep or food (because his naps were rarely long enough to accomplish more than one thing at a time). Food almost always won.  

*Helpful tip for breastfeeding mommas: keep healthy snacks like trail mix or protein bars by your bed to help curb your hunger between late night feedings and save you the time and energy of wandering into the kitchen*

Also, because most of our bodies are hard wired at this point to be awake during the day and to sleep at night, it wasn’t that easy for me to just lie down at 10:30am and fall asleep. I had just woken up, my day had started, and my brain just couldn’t shut down that quickly. Not matter how tired and zombie like I had been during that 2am (and 4am and 6am) feeding.

You know what else napping is good for, getting absolutely everything else done in your life. Like, I don’t know, showering and maybe washing your hair (sometimes that hot water on your back feels better than any nap ever could). And how about that pile of clean laundry that needs folding? Or those dirty dishes in the sink? Or those thank you notes you’re still working on? Or those emails already clogging up your inbox?

And sure, we’re not supposed to be worrying about those things. Especially during the first couple of weeks (please don’t answer any work emails during your first week home with baby). Let the house get messy, don’t worry about the grocery shopping, work can wait, there will be time for all of that later. That’s what they tell new moms anyway. But eventually, for me it was around week 3, you do start thinking about everything else you want/need to be doing and napping yourself seems like a luxury that is saved for those days when you actually don’t have enough energy to do anything else.

So, what do we do? How do we get the rest we need as new moms to keep moving forward through another day? How do we carve out the time we need to enjoy this new little person that’s entered our lives and needs so much of us? How do we keep the rest of our world turning at the same time? Of course, the answer is balance. And learning how to be present and enjoy moments of quiet when they arise.

Just an Hour of Quiet

One of these quiet moments came for me when my little one was less than a month old. He was still sleeping in the room with us, and most nights I was very aware of his presence. He was a noisy sleeper. Something I don’t miss at all about him being in his own room now.

He started stirring sometime around 7:00 am on this particular morning, and it sounded like he was going to wake up. But I didn’t get up and go to him right away. I waited. I took a tip from one of my favorite pregnancy reads Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman; “La Pause”. If you are a new momma and haven’t read this book yet, I recommend you go out and get your hands on a copy. It is a fun and easy read, full of great insight and perspective. Basically, the theory of pausing is that babies move a lot in their sleep and they’re noisy, so if we jump up and pick them up right away we often actually wake them up before they are ready.

Therefore, I paused. And in truth, he wasn’t actually ready to wake up, he stayed asleep. And now here I was, wide awake. Sure, I could have rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. But instead, I did a crazy thing. I got out of bed. I put on my robe, stepped into my slippers, and left hubby and baby sleeping in the room. I walked into my kitchen, turned on the tea kettle, and made myself the perfect cup of English Breakfast tea (with a spoonful of sugar and a splash of milk). Then, I proceeded to enjoy a full cup of tea (without having to reheat it 2 or 3 times) and sat down with a good book. My sweet angel (along with the hubby) slept for another hour after I woke up, and I was able to have some blissful quiet and some quality “me” time. This was worth more to me in that moment than the extra hour of sleep.

Rest Doesn’t Always Mean Sleep

Ultimately, sometimes getting that load of laundry done actually helps me feel more rested because I don’t have to spend any more energy worrying about getting it done. Remembering to eat, and to eat well, often gives me that extra boost to get through the next few hours. Check out the 10 to 12 Pinterest board Breastfeeding Nutrition, for some great ideas to help you eat well. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, keeping yourself nourished is key to keeping up with baby.

Other ideas for increased restfulness: Sneak in a 5 minute meditation or yoga stretch will your hubby enjoys some baby time. Taking an extra long shower (when I know baby will be asleep for a while) still has an incredibly relaxing effect on me and my body. And, more often than not, spending a little time doing something I love can have the same impact on my day as a 20 minute power nap.

If you can, in fact, sleep when baby sleeps then absolutely do that as much as you can. But also remember, that sometimes resting the body and mind can look a little different. Find those moments that refill your soul, recharge your heart, and center your mind. This will be different for each of us, so don’t feel like you have to fit into some cookie cutter mold of “shoulds” that surround you during this time. Just like you know what’s best for baby, you likely know what’s best for momma.

I’d love to hear what these moments look like for you, my fellow mommas. Share in the comments below about a moment of bliss you remember having or that you intentionally carve out for yourself regularly. Let’s all learn from each other!



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