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What Being a Working Mom Means to Me

Guest Written By: Aly Enwright 
Instagram: @Aly.andCo
Featured in Photo: Aly’s adorable daughter, Nati with her favorite Kiwi the Cat blanket from 10 to 12 Baby Lounge

Four years ago I returned back to work after what felt like the shortest three months of maternity leave ever. I was a mess. I cried for weeks leading up to that day. When the day finally came that I became a working mom, I felt like I shattered into a million pieces. I had to leave my baby at home while I went back to my full-time job. I was heartbroken and envied all of the stay at home moms that got to stay at home and cuddle with their babies all day.

I loved my job, I really did. I did years of schooling and at this point I had already worked my way up to a senior-level position in the public relations industry. I was lucky enough to land an amazing job right after college and I was doing exactly what I dreamt of doing. So why did I feel like this?

Mom guilt is very much real, and I was experiencing a very bad case of it. I wanted to spend every moment with my baby, and it broke me to leave her behind every morning. This feeling of guilt, pain and sadness lasted for months. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed my career because I was too busy worrying about my baby when I was away, even though I knew she was in the very best care.  

This pattern continued for at least two months. It took time for me to get back into my routine, but once I did, I felt a new sense of determination. I began to realize how much hard work I had already put into my career, and I wanted to keep going to show my daughter that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I wish I knew where this “aha” moment came from, but it really just came to me. I started reading articles of working moms who were sharing their stories, filled my Instagram feed with inspiring women, and just began to give it my all again. I worked hard to hit my goals and set high expectations for myself. When I came home, I was able to focus all of my time and energy into my daughter. No distractions.  This balance began to fuel me.

Four years later, and now with two kids, I feel my life is more balanced than ever. I’m continuing to work my way up in my career, and this sense of fulfillment has helped me become a better mother. Not only am I able to fulfill my life through my career but I’m also setting an example for my kids. I get home from work every day and I’m able to unplug and really just enjoy my time with them since I know I have already conquered my day.

If I have learned one thing from my experience, it is that it is absolutely okay to grow your family and career at the same time. Why should you have to put one on hold for the other? At the end of each day I feel accomplished on so many levels. I worked hard to put my feelings of guilt and sadness behind me by finding inspiration through other women. At the end of the day, we need to do what feels right. Follow your heart and never take on more than you can handle.

Discover A Nursery Tailored To Your Taste!

Discover A Nursery Tailored To Your Taste!

Designing the perfect nursery for your newborn baby doesn’t have to be a chore. After all, you deserve a nursery that marries function and fashion.

When you want to craft the perfect nursery that appeals to your tastes, here’s how to bring it to life.

Choose a great crib

Your crib is an investment. After all, your baby is going to sleep in it for most of their life during their first few years. As such, you want a crib that’s safe for your baby but doesn’t clutter up the whole room.

Ensure that the crib of your dreams adheres to the necessary U.S. safety standards for cribs. Even if you love the look of vintage options, choosing a modern crib is the best way to ensure the health and safety of your baby. After all, your baby can sleep in their crib for up to three years, making it a necessary investment. Luckily, the crib bedding and accessories can add a flair of design with minimal effort. If you’re worried about your crib looking outdated, you can always spruce up your nursery with the best baby blankets to create a cohesive space that grows with your baby.

Fall in love with neutrals

You can’t have a beautiful nursery without laying down the groundwork and there’s no better way to do that than by starting with neutral colors. Try painting your walls a calming, neutral white or beige and accent the space with lively, patterned curtains. After all, calming solid colors like purple can help ease anxiety and stress, two emotions which are common in the 15% of mothers who suffer from postpartum depression.

Every splash of color in the room should stem from your baby’s toys, cashmere baby wraps, and the accent pieces placed throughout the room. This will create an inviting atmosphere that doesn’t feel cluttered with too many patterns when you walk in.

Equip your nursery with the best tools

No nursery is complete without premium baby gifts. Along with a changing station and toy chest, your nursery should hold the best gifts for new parents to ease their transition into a family. This might include a stylish cashmere wrap for breastfeeding, a baby blanket made of cashmere, or a cashmere baby wrap designed for comfort and swaddling. Regardless of the mommy’s taste, first time mother gifts can help make their job so much easier.

If you’re designing the nursery of your dreams, start with the luxury cashmere products by 10 To 12 Baby Lounge. We offer only the best premium baby gifts to help your transition into parenthood go smoothly. To view our cashmere baby wrap selection, simply click on “baby blankets” today.


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