Carefully Curated Collections Taking Your Child From Womb to Crib

Stylish Baby Products for the Fashion Savvy and Socially Conscious Mom.

Baby Gifts Designed with Purpose that Educate and Soothe the Senses.

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High-quality Cashmere Blankets and Luxury Baby Gifts Designed Using an Artisan process That are Soft on Skin

Cashmere baby blankets created cruelty-free.
Easy to care for and kind to skin.
Eco-responsible and ethically sourced.

"I love the fact there has been so much attention paid to the fabrics. The organic cotton and the cashmere that's so kind to a baby's skin. That's important to a lot of moms."

- Gigi Thoennes, Los Angeles

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High-quality, Beautiful Designs That Each Have a Unique Story to Tell

Our eco-friendly baby products help you intensify your mother and baby bond through storytelling and comfort.

Organic materials are specifically chosen and our designs created with the conscious mother in mind.

Luxury and non-toxic fabrics.
Functional and fashion forward. 
Machine washable and chemical free.

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Long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Clothing curated for coziness and comfort. Mindful designs using an artisan process.

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What Does 10 to 12 Baby Lounge Stand For?

Newborns need the best possible start in life. It’s a big scary world out there once they leave the security of their mother’s womb. 

But what can you use to guarantee your newborn's delicate skin, which is so fragile at this moment, is protected and insulated?

How can you make sure the fabrics you use are of superior, high-quality? That they're eco-responsible and ethically sourced?

What can mothers use that provides a soft and sensual experience for baby, to aid their comfort? But doesn't pay a high price on time when it comes to caring for it?  

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Baby Clothing and Luxury Baby Gifts Inspiring Confidence and Trust

10 to 12 Baby Lounge stands for being generous: to yourself, your baby, and the environment. We employ honesty and transparency in our process. We use hand-made fabrics that are sourced responsibly.

Machine washable made from non-toxic materials, you can find the perfect gift in our range of luxury baby clothing that any mother can treasure for years to come.

"Great concept for a specific age group and an exceptional time in a mother's life. Beautiful sets and items in gorgeous fabric."
- Maria Buscemi, Los Angeles

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More from Our Happy Customers

"Amanda is a lovely person with a very focused vision for her company. Her products have a quality commitment to motherhood. I know when I send one of her items as a gift, it's always a WOW response. "

- Laura Nix Gerson, Los Angeles

"When you're buying a gift, you really don't want to be overwhelmed with an abundance of choices. You just want to know its high quality. A baby brand has to be creative, mindful of what can be beautiful for kids, and interesting. The stories 10to12 Baby Lounge uses, and the characters they use, I love this whole feature.”

- Victoria Profeta, Los Angeles

"I knew I had been able to purchase a very thoughtful gift that could be passed down. I know it brought joy to my friends. And it far exceeded my expectations."

- Alan King, Raleigh, North Carolina.

"Outstanding customer service, attention to detail in the packaging, and quick delivery. Adorable things for babies on their website. I also LOVED that they could include a card with the gift -- it saved me so much trouble and time, as I'm often ordering gifts for clients on my boss' behalf ”

- Caroline, Assistant in the Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles Shop Now

Caring for Your Baby's Wellbeing, Welfare, and Comfort

Practical yet purposeful items you can treasure as a keepsake once your child is grown. Fabrics that are kind to your baby, kind to you, and caring of the environment.

Practicality Without Sacrificing Quality

We offer you coziness and care in our cashmere and luxury baby clothing. With the knowledge you can give your child this again and again however often you use our products.

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